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Vladimir Smirnof – Gay Russian Scam

Vladimir Smirnof

I was contacted by ‘Vladimir Smirnof’ (if that’s what his name is) on  His emails came every day and initially he was very friendly, then he started saying he was falling in love (which is very flattering).

After 2 weeks of emails he said he would like to visit, which I was agreeable to, so he then said he would be going to the travel agency to book flights and get his visa.  The next day I received an email in which he informed me he did not realise it was so expensive. 

I did not realise that this was a scam at first.  He said that the total cost of his visa and tickets was going to cost the equivalent of £850, which I thought was somewhat expensive.  I did some research and found that the cost should be nearer to £650.

I initially did say to him that I would help him to the tune of £200, but when I informed him that I would only give him the money through a bank transfer, his emails became more frequent, telling me that he did not have a bank account.  When I told him that was the only way I would send any money the content of his emails became somewhat ‘agitated’ accusing me of not trusting him.  When I explained that trust had to be earned, his next email asked if a phone call or copy of his I.D. would suffice.  When I told him he had to be patient, I have not received a reply, which makes me think he is a scammer!

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