Scam Reports

Vladimir Ivanov – Sergei Egoshin, Andrey Bondarev,

I have been scammed, please add this individual to you blacklist. I was scammed out of money
from a man who contacted me through website. He said he was from Russia and was
looking for friend in America to talk to and get to know and if things worked out, to fall in love
with and to live together. I was scammed out of $500
that I have already sent for the purpose of him applying
for a Visa. But then he asked for more money stating
that in order to get a Visa approved, he had to show
proof of travel tickets already purchases. I started to
question whether or not I was being scammed, so I
did research on Website with immigrations and it said
that this is a common scam and that travel tickets are
not required for Visa to be approved. His name is
Vladimir Ivanov and the email address he used is
[email protected]
. He originally told me his name
was Vladimir Strelnikov, he said he changed his name
to Vladimir Ivanov to honor his
grandfather who fought in World War II.

He said that he lived at:
Vorovskogo Street 47 hranit do vosrebovanija
Chelyabinsk, 454000

He said that he worked at Uraltrac (Uraltrak) as a Mechanical Engineer. He said that he was born
on December 22, 1979. He said that he lived with his Father, Mother, Brother and Grandfather
on his mother?s side. He said that his Father Artur is a teacher of Philosophy and is 57 years old
His mother Nadejda is a seamtress and is 45 years old. His brother Dmitry is 2 years older and
teaches Mathematics at the university. His grandpa is 76 and is a veteran of World War II.

Vladimir had me Western Union money to him at Chelyabinsk, so he said, but when I checked with
Western Union to see where the money was actually picked-up, he received the money in
Cheboksary Russia.

I contacted the US Embassy in Russia, and they confirmed with me that Vladimir has not applied
for a Visa.

Vladimir sent me a copy of his passport as a means of gaining my trust, saying that this was the
most important information he could ever share with me. The Passport # on the copy he sent
to me is 26 07 8761230.

I will be forwarding this to as many blacklist websites as I can find. I feel stupid and naive to have
fallen for this scam. I guess I can only blame myself for being a hopeless romantic- but nonetheless
it was stupid of me. My goal now is to prevent Vladimir from scamming anyone else and hurting
anyone else. If there is anything else I should do, or anyone else I should forward this information
to please let me know.

Vladimir other aliases include:Sergei Egoshin, Andrey Bondarev, Andrey Cheboksary/Chuvashiya,
Konstantin Rodoinov, Sergey Tkachenko, Nikolay Chaldishkin, Sergeev Kirill, Aleksander Moskalev



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