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Ukraine Marriage Agency Trip Reflection

At the time I am typing this article, I am at Kiev International Airport
awaiting for my re-booked flight back to my home country. I paid extra
penalty charges to re-book this flight because I need to get
out of the city and go back to my home country as quickly as possible.

In this article, I will tell you about my entire UA Dream trip in a city called
Chernigov, Ukraine. I will tell you about what happened, and what I thought
about it back then and now.

But before I go to the main article, I think it’s necessary to talk a little
bit about myself so that people will know where I am coming from and whether my background
& experiences apply to you. I am a Canadian citizen. I am 27 years old. Asian descent. I work at a
bank in Toronto, Canada. I passed my CFA Level I exam and am currently preparing for my Level
II exam. Last January, I gave up my 5-year relationship with my girlfriend who was living in another
country because she was not willing to move to Canada and she found new love and was about
to marry. I congratulated her because I know our relationship could not last any longer due to
such long distance.


7 years ago (2002) I signed up on a website called Confidential Connections while I was browsing for
dating websites. Since then I’ve been receiving emails from them. Most of the time I ignored those
emails as they are just one of the many dating website emails and I already had a girlfriend two years
after I signed up on their website (5 years ago). But I noticed that for a period of time, I did not receive
any email from Confidential Connections. Instead, I started to receive email from UALadys, UADream,
Arladys, Chiladys, etc.


On June 23rd of 2008 (that was 5 months after I gave up my relationship with my ex girlfriend), I received
one email from UAladys which stated it was translated for a lady in Ukraine. Her name is Anastasia R. (ID 5008)
Her introduction letter went as follows

Hi iori! (my web nickname)

How are you?

My name is Anastasia, I’m from Chernigov. I looked at your profile and got interested to learn more
about you and start communication.

I hope that you will have a look at my profile and photos – maybe we have something in common and
can continue this conversation? I really hope so..

Ancient Greeks believed that before people were different- wiser and harmonious, they even looked
differently- like two grown together creatures. Gods decided to punish people and make them weaker-
they cut every person in two halves and scattered them all over the world. Since that time every person

feels himself incomplete and they look for their second halves to acquire harmony.

I think that Greeks were very wise people and this legend has grounds. Sometimes love comes so
suddenly and we cannot explain why we have such strong feelings about the person. The feelings that
appear when we meet our ‘second half’ are so strong and exciting that all other emotional experiences

seem so insignificant.

Do you agree with this opinion?

I hope you will answer me!

With the best wishes,



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