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Dating Scam Svetlana [email protected]

Hi. My name is Svetlana. I don’t know with what to me to begin the letter because it is very long history. But i will try to explain it to you. Before, i had never sought my love on the internet. I have been on several dating sites, but it has not brought me great results. Now, i am 25 years old. I wondered about my personal life. I want to find love, his second half. But since i have a lot of work and household chores, dating on the street became problematic for me, because of the lack of free time.

Most recently, i went home from work and saw a funny advertising that there are agencies that help to meet people from other countries. This advertising has inspired me, it was an incentive to start a relationship with someone from another country. I decided to try. Turning to the agency, i had to fill in the whole form of unnecessary questions, take tests, and leave copies of their documents in order that they confirm my consent to meeting people from other countries. After waiting a week, i got a from the agency answer and said that i picked up for the right person who fits me.

And now, I’m sitting, write you this letter. I don’t know how you will react to acquaintance of this kind, and my letter, but seems to me it is amusing. I would be happy if you responded to my letter, and we continued acquaintance. Together with this letter, i send you the photo that you had idea, of me. Svetlana

Email was sent via a server in Japan ip address

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