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Scammer Andrey from Kaluga [email protected]

Send me a message at gaydar. Says he’s name is Andrey…. Same
letters. Doesn’t answer your questions. Messages actually come from
German IP.


Hello my dear XXXX Thank you very much for your good letter. Each
daywe will, learn more about each other, and this Interesting. I had
anormal day, I received your letter, and now my mood, it has become
much better, it’s really nice to me that you write to me. Thank youfor
your It helps me to explore some answers to my questions is moreabout
you and understand you. I had a normal day, but I received yourletter,
and now my mood became much better, it’s really nice to me,that
you write to me.

Thank you for your answers to my questions. Itis a pity but now I have
no my phone. It was breakage some time back.I have not received till now my phone. You can leave
to me the phonenumber.
I will try to cause you from a public telephone booth soon. Isend you another my picture. I hope that
you like me on my photos. XXX Tell me about your family. You have many relatives? How often doyou
meet or do a family dinner? In turn, I want to say that I have avery good family. I live with my parents in
dvukomnatnoy apartment. Ihas its own separate room. I love his parents. They gave me life andraised
me, for this I am very grateful to them!

The family I am theonly child but always wanted to have a younger brother or sister totake care of them
and look, and it would be with someone to play whenthe parents about their business. My mom and dad
are very kind andgood people, always understand me and give good advice in life. Ialways try to listen to
them, as all parents want only the best toyour child. Our parents love is mutual and we feel each other
warm thesoul and family happiness.

My mom name is Ekaterina, she – verysensual and kind woman. She was 48 years old, earlier she worked
as asalesman and later became upralyat a small shop, but now it does notwork. My dad name is Sergey
He – strict but fair man. He was 52 years.He worked, worked repairing flats. Now he also retired as my
mom. Ilove my family and we try to often spend time together.

I want to tellthe story of how met my father and mother. I think you would beinterested to hear.
This is really a wonderful story. Before my birth,my mother lived in the capital Moscow, and my dad
ived at the timethe depths where we now live. And this is really far from each otherand seemed to
meet no chance. One day my dad went to work in thecapital to carry out another order, and they
met by chance in a smallshop in Moscow where she worked for my mom, and in the words of thePope,
my mom loved it to him and he said that it was truly love atfirst sight . at the same time he became
Turns acquaintance with her,but she did not answer his feelings, because it was quite a strangerto her.
but he was stubborn and so he went to a shop quite often andstill has the location of my mom.
Then everything went well he courtedher, gave flowers, dinner at a restaurant and going to the movies.
This is really great! And six months later they married. They realizedthat for each other.

I understand that the impossible is possible inthis world, even to look at how my parents met, it is reallyincredible,
because they lived so far apart, yet their hearts arejoined. Every day in the world, millions of people find
each other andmany are happy.

In my personal life I have emptiness. I was notmarried. I had a relationship with a guy and he was my age,
we werewith him together almost 2 years, but he was a bad person, hefrequently deceived me, while I
was thinking that all is well, it’sreally unfair. It is also sometimes used physical force against me. Ithought
that he loves me, but this was not in fact, he deceived me,for his friends were far more important than
I am. For him, ourrelationship was not the first place and he did not respect me orrelationship, so I told
him dosvidaniya and did not regret it, so nowI’m looking for a more serious and sincere really “adult man
forserious relationship” .

Among the people around me here I do not seeanyone for a serious relationship. And just a few days ago,
I startedto look a man through the site. Perhaps here I can find someone whowill love me, appreciate and
understand. For me, no matter the wealth,work or the situation of people in society. I hope to find
someonethat values women and who can take care of the woman. I’ll be ready togive all of himself in the
relationship. I want you to write me yourthoughts about my letter. I look forward to a response.
Sincerelyyours Andrey!!!


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