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Sammer viktoriya sheyviv,Krivka,Krivosheeva

Hi thought we had got rid of this scammer,This is not a vendetta against this woman firstly. But this woman has made thousands and thousands of dollars over 6 years as a vacation scammer. It is her work. but i guess its hard times in Ukraine.

She’s got new pictures and profiles on the same sites. I have worked out that her friend runs a local agency in Kiev. So I’m looking into this agency. I think that 100%of the girls this agency lists are scammers. Then they send to  Natasha Club, Alice Agency, Russian Love Match. From Russia with Bride. Also First International. Also I’m sure that these agency’s are aware of what is going on and are part of this scam.

Most of you guys are aware of these agency’s and how bad they are so any new guys beware, search the internet and learn save your money and keep away. I now look at Russian free dating sites. About 20% of the girls come from them. This is a lot as these sites contain millions of girls all over the former soviet union.

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