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Ofella Ayazova, Simferopol, Ukraine, English/Russian Interpreter Scammer, Liar, Thief

In october, 2010 i was dating anastasia krasnikova, simferopol, ukraine in simferopol during a 3 month visit there. (see report here already on krasnikova). I had met krasnikova through the american based site hot russian brides as a replacement date for a girl i had been writing to on that site for months. After nearly ten dates with krasnikova..Ofella ayazova was assigned as our interpreter. Although the two women claimed they did not know each other, they appeared very close, friendly and spoke constantly in russian. My claim of scammer on this woman ofella is as follows: she gained my confidence as my hired interpreter, yet i found in later weeks that she also acted as interpreter for krasnikova with another man (whom i later met and compared notes with) to find that she lied to us both, stole money from me in overcharged fees and pressured us to spend thousands of dollars in expensive gifts…While knowing krasnikova was actually married and has a daughter.

In her unscupulous behavior ofella would call to cancel dates. Ofella asked for both of us men to buy krasnikova expensive leather knee high boots (within days of each other). In an intimate dinner she told to me that anastasia loved me, was planning on marrying me and during her interpretations between us ofella led a conversation asking me to provide $3000 grivna (about $400 usd) to krasnikova before i returned to the usa so she could purchase driving lessons…When i said i would consider giving it to her upon my return in the spring of 2011 ofella began an impassioned speach for krasnikova…Indicating that anastasia could learn to drive from the money during the time i was in the usa so she could then drive us around crimea in her brothers car when i returned…When i said…That i have a drivers license and could rent a car…Ofella became even more forceful in persuading me that it would be the right thing to do to give her the money before i left ukraine.

She continued her aggressive encouragement for me to buy expensive gifts for the girl as when we were window shopping the girls were looking at boots… Ofella became very agressive in telling me i should buy a pair of boots for krasnikova…During the five dates that ofella participated in…One included a discussion of krasnikovas computer being broken and unrepairable and that i should buy one for her for her birthday…So we went to stores to look at various computers…When the two girls looked at the models…Ofella persuaded krasnikova to choose the most expensive model available… I ultimately purchased the computer and a variety of accessories for it while ofella was present and encouraging the purchase.

The following week i learned from a ukrainian man who is also an english interpreter that he recognized my girlfriend as a girl he knew to be dating another man (a client of his whom he had interpreted for with her the previous week) he sadly and compassionatley realized that the girl had been scamming both of us men and when told about ofella he said that he knew she had been interpreting for them also…

As all of this had been going on …Anastasia and i had discussed being in love, a decision to marry and live together the spring of 2011 to prepare for our marriage and that neither of us would date others. Ofella ayazova as a paid interpreter for me lied to me throughout the entire period she represented me with anastasia krasnikova…And even made phone calls to me cancelling dates we had scheduled telling me anastasia could not meet with me because she was under doctors care and could not leave her bed..But on that very day she cancelled me…Ofella served as interpreter for anastasia and the other man…

Also during the dates she overcharged me in hourly interpreter fees to to total of a few hundred dollars…When i caught her overcharging me on the last date..She returned a little of the money…I blindly trusted this woman as my interpreter…For both the fees and the integrity of the information she was providing me…She was in collusion with the other girl…Not only for all of this but for expensive restaurants, drinking, meals and smoking water pipes…She is a liar, a thief and a scammer .

The attached photos are from dating sites, hot russian brides, veronika love dating, best dating now….And personal photos i took in october, 2010 of ofella ayazova and anastasia krasnikova togeter. . Please help me put this interpreter scammer out of business.






Ofella ayazova scammer interpreter liar theif simferopol ukraine

This woman is pure evil a liar and theif. Brought to me by the girl i was dating in simferopol ukraine…As the dating agency assigned englishrussian translator…During five dates with her over a few weeks in october 2010 she gained my trust and told me this woman anastasia loved me was planning on marrying me having children with me and was serious about our future…She got me to buy anastasia thousands of dollars in gifts and extracted thousands of ukrainian dollars (grivnas) from me for her translating fees transportation etc.

When you hire a translator you expect one hundred percent truth honesty integrity…In the meanings of words spoken but also in every thing she tells you…But she called me and lied to me cancelling dates with anastasia telling me she was sick and could not meet me…Only for me to learn weeks later that the entire time…The two women were also working another man..Who i later met…And confirmed that they scammed him at the same time as me…

Upon confrontation…Anastasia denied defiantly that this was true until i produced the other mans friend who surprisingly and conincidently was my mutual friend and who had worked for the other man and anastasia as a translator also just days earlier…And ofella had worked to steal from the other man too as a translator….

Then i found that the agency manager viola novik norden was also involved in the scam…First by consoling me as her friend making me believe that anastasia was really in love with me but was scared of my reaction to catching her in the lie about her dating the other man…Then months later…Viola wrote to me an email…Admitting to me that she knew anastasia was scamming me…Is a scammer…And then wrote also that during the time she was dating me and i was being represented by her agency with ofella ayazova..That anastasia was and is also married and has a daughter…

A few weeks ago…This agency manager…Who constantly changes her stories…Who is married has two children and runs the simferopol office for veronika love dating and its affiliates including hot russian brides…Was also operating herself…Live on chat with her own dating profile..And photos..Stating that she was divorced has no children and is a doctor…When i confronted her on the dating site chat line…She left the chat immediately when she realized it was me..And the following day she pulled her profile…So…The entire agency is a scam…And men like me…And all of you who believe these lies on the dating agencies…Beware of women like ofella ayazova…Who is also listed on over one hundred dating sites for herself…Lied to me as i paid her…She overcharged me for translating fees trying to steal from me…And is as big a scammer as any of them…


Ofella, 2011-05-04

Hello, my name is Ofella Ayazova. Several days ago I noticed that man by the name William  put me to the scam list. How it’s possible if I was interpreter and helped him and Anastasia to understand each other. I made my work and my director from the agency “Veronica” which is situated in Simferopol sent me to their meeting. Each my word which I had said to him was my work, I did not ask about 3000 grivns from him, it’s impossible because I was in my work and I translated each word of the girl. What about the shoes, I do not remember how it was but he bought the shoes by himself, he wanted make a surprise to her because she had a birthday after several days. William asked Anastasia give back all his gifts and she did it when he was going to USA. Maybe he is angry because she is not with him but why he is still writing to her massages to the phone and asks about marriage??? I do not want be in the middle between them, I made only my work and I have a letter from William which he sent to my email address. I will put it to my letter. He always calls me friend and says that to friend I should not pay but I always interrupts him and said that I’m not your friend, I’m at work and my services like interpreter not free. He knew about rules and even if he did not want have interpreter why he did not say about it??? He has his profile on the site, his nick WILROK ID 232473

I hope after it you will have decision and will delete me from the list of the site, thank you for understanding, Ofella.

william , 2011-05-08

Ofella… I saw your rebuttal note to one of my scam reports about you. You tell only partial stories, and do not tell all the truth. You and I know everything that went on at all of the meetings…so i have decided to try once again to contact you personally as i have before…but you have NEVER responded to any of my personal letters to you.

I will tell you this. First know that i am a former United States Government Federal Criminal Investigator …i have tremendous internal investigative resources, international contact resources and investigative resources on the internet to gain and gleen facts, pieces of evidence and other items with access to sites most people know nothing about.

Understand that my initial cause was not against you..but Anastasia. However, as this story unfolded…not only from what i experienced with her and you..but what i learned from my investigation…you played a role as a co-conspirator in the scam against me, the New Zealander, Daniel and possibly others which caused me to initiate reports about you as a scammer also.

I am an honest man. I respect the whole, honest truth. I abhor lies…any lies..even little lies are a cancer to the truth. I am also a reasonable man…if i find that you are completely forthcoming with me, honest in every respect, admitting of all roles we both know were played her…but also you show not only contrition but a desire to assist me in uncovering all of the truth…i will consider the possible retraction of any and all statements made about you.

If i find you are lying to me in any way…i will continue to proceed with the total declaration and disclosure of you along with her to every scam reporting internet site, international dating agency,Interpol Criminal Fraud Investigative Unit for Internet Fraud, United States Embassy in Kiev, the Simferopol Police Criminal Fraud Taskforce, the Ukrainian Crimean Regional Tax Criminal Fraud Division that investigates individuals with unreported income, and the Ukrainian and Crimean Region Licensing Certification for working in the profession of Translation Services. Therefore your professional fate is in your own hands.

Keep in mind…i would have no cause to claim you as a scammer if you did nothing wrong…i am writing you to tell you most of the things i have as both claims and evidences against you…but not everything i have…and my reasoning for pursuing you along with Anastasia. If you had not been involved in her scamming, lying, deceit and golddigging…i would have no reason to be writing against you…remember…you did these things not only to me…but to Daniel also…He and i have become very close since discovering how she and you scammed us both at the same time…for gifts, expensive meals, untrue declarations of serious feelings for us to believe in all that she told each of us individually to believe she was romantically interested in us both…and in my case that she loved me, was not interested in any other man, was dating only me and would be completely honest and loyal to me, was going to meet her parents, wanted me to return to Simferopol to live together in the spring of 2011, plan our marriage for soon after that and begin to build a family…when all the time she was dating both Daniel and I at the same time.

She was using you to call me to cancel dates with me that we had scheduled together….the saturday after we all went to Yalta in the rain…and you told me on the telephone she could not see me because she was so sick…but then on that same day you and she and Daniel returned to the mountain in Yalta…spending that entire day together, and riding horses on top of the mountain….you continued to advise me she could not see me the following weekends….because she was sick…but she was in fact dating Daniel during that time with you as her interpreter…until her last date with Daniel before he had to go to England on business.

A personal freind of his…who unknowningly to us both was a mutual friend of mine…had to step in as an interpreter for Daniel and her…as neither you nor anyone else from the agency was available… During this time you represented her and Daniel…she identified herself by a false name of Olya…and told him through you that her birthdate was March 18th. When you knew during your earlier jobs that i paid you to translate for us…that she called herself to me ANASTASIA and that we were planning things for her birthdate on November 4th….so in fact…you were allowing, condoning and lying to both of the men who were paying you not only to translate for you..but as i described to you during our first protect me from dishonesty and lies.

Daniel reported to me in person and is willing to continue to support that on one of his intial dates with him you and anastasia took him to shop for boots….this being only within about four days of the date you both took me to the boot store to buy her boots….his words were that you embarassed him into making the purchase for her as you openly suggested that he should buy her those boots…which were similar and just as expensive as the ones you suggested i buy for her…the cost of the boots was between $250-$400 US dollars. He said that you acted in such a way that he had no other choice but to buy the boots for her or he would look like a cheap man without regard for a lady…all because of the way you pushed him to buy them…and you did the same to me.

I will say now..that if i had known she was lying to me about all, dating others and married with a child…i would not have bought her anything..not even dinner…nor paid for bus fare for her…i was there for love, to find the woman i would marry..and she through you, led me to believe that was her and she wanted it and was going to marry me.

On the first date i had with her when you were asked to join us…i had suggested to Anastasia that i preferred we had no interpreter…that if she really loved me as she said…we could enjoy the time together…sharing the learning experience for both of us communicating together through the use of an online computer translator….however…on that morning when she met with me..she arrived over an hour late, was very angry and short tempered with me…she wouldnt agreeably talk with me and i recognized that our former interpreter Sasha was coincidentally sitting at the Mcdonalds restaruant saying she was waiting for a bus….she and Anastasia were angry at each other…or at me because i let Nastia know something Sasha had said to me in confidence about her…although not really wanting to talk with us i asked her to help me to find out why Anastasia was so angry….and after discussion it was that she could not have you with her the entire day…so i agreed and told her to call you then.

We set up our meeting for the restaurant where you came later and we sat and talked… In this meeting you told me Anastasia said she missed me so much and wanted to take our relationship to the next level…to plan for our marriage and family…i was elated and had already begun to fall in love with her…we dicussed many things…about her learning English and you discussed with her to me how she needed a computer as hers did not work and could not be repaired…and also about how she wanted me to meet her parents soon…and to plan for me to return from the USA in the spring for us to take a flat together to live together…it was then you told me she had a dream to learn to drive a car…and that she needed driving lessons…and could i help her buy them….that it would cost…$3000 grivna….it shocked me…and i was taken by this request as i had heard so many times that if a girl here asks for money of any is a scam…but….i was also blinded by my feelings and love for her…i could not believe that this sweet beautiful girl was like that…so i said…that we could probably do that when i return in the spring.

immediately you countered with ….how it would be so much better if she could have the money to pay for the lessons now or before i leave the country so she could learn to drive over the winter…that she would use her brothers car and then in the spring when i returned she would be able to use his car for us to travel all over Crimea..because she would be able to drive…..i said i would think about it..but i also said…you know i have an international drivers license and i can rent a car for that too…but she said….please…to have the money for the lessons would make her dream come true…and those were the words you spoke to me…if you deny this then you are lying and we will go to full battle.

On all of the dates i was with you and anastasia….i had felt that you were asking me for excessive fees beyond the normal $15 per hour….i didnt add it up until the last evening we were together when you told me an amount and i must have looked shocked..and you asked me if something was wrong…my reply was long in coming…but it made me feel you had been lying to me about fees the entire time…as it seemed to me i must have paid you many hundreds of US dollars more than what the actual fees were….you then gave me back some Ukrainian money…and i didnt even count it….i was just stunned that you, this person i trusted was stealing from me.

The computer is another source of irritation…you and she told me how she could not communicate with me by phone…i had offered to pay for her ability to text but she refused…it turned out that was because she was texting with Daniel…and he had bought it for her…she said she wanted a computer so she could write to me daily…be able to chat daily, and have a webcam for when i returned for the few months away over the winter…her birthday was coming and you both suggested it would be a wonderful birthday present and you took me to computer shop to look at them…i looked as some simple models…but you said they were not good…that she should have the models that were twice the cost.

On the 27th of November…i returned to Simferopol to move.. so we could be more together…but she could only meet me for a short time…and we discussed going to get her we could get it and she could begin to communicate with me…we went and bought it…and then went to Barbaris…to set it up… i had wanted her to open a facebook account so we could communicate there…then she had one already but said it was stolen and yet she had the password to open…there were some mens photos there but she wanted to take them off…i believed (naively) everything she said…then she wrote a fake name on facebook as ANASTASIA LYALYALYAL.

Everything this girl did with me was a lie…And you helped her convince me that she was in love with me…You lied to me calling me cancelling dates we had and then you went with her and daniel to those dates with him and not me…But it wasnt that she just chose him over me…I soon found out from daniels and my mutual freind that you and she had been lying to us both all the time…And she denied it and denied it for twenty minutes…Until i brought this young man to the table to confront her also…Then she cried..And said she was sorry..But continued lying…And said she loved me and would not be with him again…And wanted to marry me…But her plan had been to continue to date us both while i was gone…And get as much out of both of us as possible.We both beleived that you were splitting all of the money with each other.

I found out through photos and other sources the entire time she was with me…She has been married all of this time and has a daughter…And that she has not been on this dating sites for only a short time…But since she was 18-19 years old…And like you…Was on over 100 different dating sites….And on many of the sites she indicates she speaks english…And i had thought i heard her speaking english once on the telephone…She always took her phone with her to the bathroom and away from me when she had a call…I knew sometimes i heard a mans voice but she said it was her brother..But really it was her husband.

Now about viola…I trusted this woman…I cared about her..I even had feelings for her from the year before…But i respected her wishes when she told me she loved nikita…And that she did not want to lose him…I know she has a beautiful young daughter…And i know that she and nikita married in february of 2010 and they had their baby many months later in the summer…If you remember…Many times you would tell me to call her to ask a question but i would say…No i dont want to cause her trouble with her husband as he is very jealous of me…And he was..He hated me… But as these revelations about anastasia falling in love with me, wanting to marry me..Yet not meeting with me…Putting me off and then i discover she is dating another and still telling me she loves me…I began to wonder why my friend had allowed this to happen to me…Why she didnt protect me…And tell me…This…Especially when i found out she was married and had a daughter and found pictures of her with her husband and daughter…At first ….Viola didnt say much…Then before i left simferopol and anastasia refused to see me to say goodbye..My heart was chrushed..At this point i did not know she was married..But viola did…And viola had condemned me as not being a man because i had forced anastasia to return the things to me or i would go to the police…Really all i wanted was to force a meeting…I didnt really care about the items…I was hurt and in denial still that all of this was happening…I did not want to beleive that she was really a scammer.

I had placed our photos on facebook together telling all the world, my family and friends that we were getting married…And what i found was not that she was announcing our relationship…But she was posting photos of her husband and daughter on her site… Week later i changed my flight after a conversation with viola…Telling her i loved anastasia..That if she loved me…(i still didnt know she was married) but she was telling me she still loved me but was scared of me…And viola was saying i was not a real man to give a woman a gift and then take it back…So i countered her…And said i never wanted it back…I wanted my love back..I wanted anastasia and i to be togethr and i would forgive that she was dating another man…So viola said she would try to get us one last meeting…And i brought the things back to her…And then viola met me..She thought anastasia would come..But she didnt…She know all along she would not come..But i gave her the computer the gold earings the ipod…And the silver padlock of love i had engraved with our names and dates to put on the bridge together…I never saw nastia again….She continued to write me a little telling me she still had feelings for me…And was deciding about us…But…It was all a fake…And i began to search all the dating sites and i found her actively operating on many of them…Especially on natasha club….Then she wrote me a letter a few days before christmas…Telling me she was tired of me and all of this …She was going to date younger men from europe or her own country….But by then i already knew she was married…She lied about everything…And viola did not do anything more than take my letters and and the letters i sent to anastasia and be critical for me of writing to her.

Last month i wanted to tell viola that i was going to begin to report all of this and give her a chance to be honest with me….She hung up the phone on me…This was right after i had anastasia removed from the last active site i knew she was on of ….A foreign affair….Also known as first international dating…A little more than a week later i received an email from the manager admitting to me that anastasia is a scammer and is and was married and has a daughter at the time she was dating me…So all of them knew this…And all of them scammed me.

From: [email protected]


Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2011 22:43:34 +0400


hello, sorry that i couldn’t talk to you

but i want to ask you. i new that anastasia is married and she is a scamer, she has a daughter. i deleted her, but she went to other agency. she is still in many sites,so if you can write on natasha club ,

please do it



In the end of the letter..I posted a number of her dating profiles from various agencies…I posted this email above…Showing viola the manager of the agency had admitted anastasias scamming and that she is married and has a daughter…I also posted a recent profile i had found of viola actively working a scam as a dater on another dating site…Claiming she was unmarried, divorced, having no children and is a professional doctor…I reminded ofella that i know viola very well…I know her husband and i know she is not a doctor and has two children…It confirmed to me…That all of them are in the scam together…If the manager of the agency is scamming men like me…Then the girls, the interpreters..And the agencies themselves are all involved…

I offered ofella 24 hours to write me back…That if she turned evidence with me against them all..I would stop reporting her as a scammer and retract any reports on her…For her cooperation….But she never wrote me back…She is a coward…And she is still on all of the dating sites as a dater and works still scamming men like me as an interpreter. What justice can their be for us against these scum? I will return to simferopol and deal with them all.

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