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“Howard Edwin”, Con Artist, has been very busy!

I have been in contact with another woman this fraud also tried to con. And apparently, there is at least one other woman as well. He was contacting us both around the same time (2/10), so he obviously likes to work multiple targets simultaneously. We compared notes, and he uses the same sad story: he’s a widower whose wife died of cancer 5 years ago, he has a 14-year old son “Nelson”, they live in San Diego, he’s originally from Ohio but his parents both died in a car crash when he was 7 so his grandmother in Spain raised him.

He first sent me a message via FB to tell me he liked my photo and began e-mailing me pics, poems, and love letters, also did chats (including webcam) on Yahoo. He had his “son” send me e-mails too to give me the “thumbs up” for his father to marry me and make me his new “mother”.


After a couple of weeks (2/22), he told me he was going to the UK for 3 weeks for his job. He contacted me via phone. His “son” was also sending e-mails when he should have been in school, so I checked the IP addresses for both his and his son’s e-mails and they both came from the same computer/location, while he was supposedly in the UK and his son was in San Diego with his “guardian”!

Howard Edwin Facebook

So Howard was probably sending those “Nelson” e-mails himself. Right after that, I found the FB scammer website another woman created, as well as the posting on so I confronted him and cut it off before he could ask me for money. Be very careful, this one is slick. He doesn’t answer direct questions about his work and where he actually is, but tries to distract you with poems and love letters.

He was a real hypocrite on his FB site, he mentioned that God is very important in his life and that he is a fan of Jesus!  He often mentioned God is his correspondence to me. I guess he figured that would make him seem more “safe” and “trustworthy” to women if they thought that he was devotely religious.

I have attached the pics. I had downloaded his FB profile pic; he e-mailed me the others. I’m pretty sure that they are actually him (some people I told had questioned that), as the first time we chatted, he activated his web cam so that I could see him. I don’t know if that boy is really his son, or just who he is…

Howard EdwinHoward Edwin

Nelson Edwin the Supposed 14 Year Old Son

Do these photo’s look like actors to anyone else?

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