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Natalya Kurdyukova

Visa/Medical Insurance Scam
City: Kazan
Address: the Prospectus of a victory: 126 a – 56
Postal code: 420100E-mail address: [email protected]
number: +79093670464

Hello my dear Gianni. I
am in Moscow
now. I write from the Internet-cafe. I each minute to think of our meeting and
with impatience I wait the moment when I can see you. But my dear I have a
problem. When I was in embassy, to me have explained that at registration of
the visa, obligatory medical insurance. They have explained that the policy of
medical insurance leaving – defrays all medical charges of productive leisure.
With the policy of assurance I will be protected, if I have got in accident.
Also the medical policy abroad will help me, to overcome difficulties in a
crisis situation, and it is essential to lower connected with it, unforeseen
financial expenses. Also I can receive free-of-charge medical and legal
consultation in the Center of the urgent help of the company. Presence of the
insurance abroad is a guarantee of my quiet rest. It also is very important for
me because I have excitement with this trip. If I will not pay the medical insurance,
I can’t receive the visa and I can’t come to you. That I had such medical
insurance, I need a 1500 euro. I have free only 900 euro. I don’t know where to
take to me 600 euro. Now I called to my friends and my parents. But they can’t
help me now. They haven’t this money. If I will not have 600 euro then I can’t
come to you. I wait a meeting with you most of all in this world. But to meet
there was a problem now when there are not enough money. It is very sad. My
dear it is very a shame to me, but I haven’t other way to solve a problem. Can
you help me? You can transfer to my bank account 600 euro and I can pay medical
insurance. My dear, I think that it is fair if we will divide my expenses
because I don’t have such money. It should be made for our joint dream. I hope
you also to dream of our meeting and can help me. I hope you can to help to
organize to me our meeting. My purpose of a trip was for a vacation, but I have
met you now. We never find true love if we never try! Maybe you think, that I
hopeless romanticism, but I am assured we can have good time together. I am
serious in our meeting and of course we can communicate a lot of time by
e-mails but I think that all letters are just useless without meeting because I
think that only meeting help people to know each other. I think that we need to
meet and I hope that we will find a way for it.

My dear I wait for your letter as soon as possible.

Your Natalya
details: It was only email spam
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