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Mike Coleman – Nigerian Scam

The following person on (dating and social networking site) - Mike Coleman from London
is a Nigerian scam - pls be aware: - photos attached

Mike Last Active: 12 hours ago
Profile Views: one time
Profile Skin: Default
Member Since: Sep 4, 2009

Gender: Male
Location: London, United Kingdom
Age: 42
Relationship Status: Single
Interested In: Dating, Serious Relationship
Languages: English
Orientation: Straight
About MeMusic:
Michael bolton
Arsenal football club
I have always dream to have another beautiful lady after death of my wife.My dream girl will
come to me no matter how far the distance is.
Reasons - He said he was from UK, working as a fashion designer in Ghana, Africa. Told me
he got held at knifepoint in Nigeria and they stole £48,000. He needs $1000 for hotel and ticket
 to get back to UK.
1) Clues - Told me he had a daughter in Manchester - but said he does not know her address
for me to contact her to get in touch with her gran to recover money for him.
2) Told me Yahoo account blocked so has no other friends and family to contact except me
3) Cannot give me name of Company he works for in UK or address in Manchester UK where he
lives so I can contact UK Embassy on his behalf
4) Has really bad broken English for a British man who has lived in the UK since he was 1 yrs old
5) Knows that I need to transfer money through Western Union
6) Said hotel lent him a phone sim and needs money to pay for hotel
7) Told me he liked me, built contact everyday on mail for 3 wks and then now gave him my mobile no.
8) He answered the phone and clearly was an African man and not a British white male talking
as on the phone.
9) I asked him where he was from in Manchester but could not tell me.
10) He hung up on me - even though his emails suggested he was crazy with me. No. is
11) I have kept all copies of emails and texts by him. I was unable to record the phonecall I
made to him as the record facility on my mobile phone was not working.
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