Scam Reports

Marina Vasilyeva

28 y.o
Russia, Yoshkar-Ola
[email protected]

Scamming scenario : the number telephone which it phoned me : 0074956600200 In 1 April , a woman having
looked my profile and she was very intrerested me , at this website she looked at real
and sincere with pictures of her , and send to me her email : [email protected] I emailed her through
her email, she promply replaid to me , over the 3 month we talked daily , she sounded me very nice and
friendly , and we became what I thought involved in a romantic way , she told me her name Marina Vasilyeva
about 27 - 28 years old , and live in centeral town of Yoshkar-Ola - Russia , she a few years ago, graduated
from college . Faculty Marketing and PR advertising. After college , she works as manager working on the
computer in an advertising campaign ( company ) . and told me she don't like russian men because she
suffered from her ex-boy friend! and most russian men not respect for thier women... . and after about
three month of correspondence, we thought !and belive that meeting is very necessary for us , and see
each other , and we decided to meet in Lebanon - Beirut
and to stay with my family for 6 weeks ( 42 days ) because she got permission from her work 2 months
for vacation , and after she went to travel agency and she told me to visit you will cost $ 670 , but my
salary is $ 200 all the money spent on utilities food , closing, assistance to parents, than I sent to her
$ 670 by westernunion , and when she bought the ticket and booked on 30 september , and she phoned
me in this number telphone : 0074956600200 and later she want more money for 42 days insurence each day
Euro 29 x 42 days = total euro 1218 = about $ 1900 ! . I said to her this is very big money !!!! I said to her
I will phone the embassy Lebanese in Moscow to get information about the insurance travel in Lebanon ,
and than she didn't emaild me more last message it was 14 sep.2009!! I thought it was all fraud and
she is a scammer woman ! later I knew what !is this number 0074956600200 after I checked in through google!

Dear Sir, in my country in Lebanon I knew many women wives of my friends and whose I met them ,
they are very respectfull and good people , and always I wish to marry from good lady from Russia as
like them , but let me to say about those who give bad things and foto for thier country ! why ? only to
steal money from poor and good poeple whose sending for good things! and they saled thier conscience
and hearts and thier humantly. But for me I a possative man, and I love Russia for ever ,,, I have all
of the westernunion wire transfer , date of transfer 28/08/2009 control number 2948787323 pay
Marina Vasilyeva . and foto of the ticket flight ( Aeroflot )booked in 6 september 2oo9 , and
her all email correspendence , and her photos,,
Your Sincerely,
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