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Marija Malesevic – Belgrade

Name: Marija Malesevic (born Cvetanovska)
Birthdate: 02/25/1971 (37 years old)
Country and city: Serbia, Belgrade.

All she has to share is the herpes, But she will try to get the maximum from you. She tries to contact men in a well known bar restaurant called Que Pasa in Belgrade. This restaurant is usually frequented by diplomats and foreigners. She also contact her victims on Skype. The scenario is always the same, she is divorcing and her husband and he doesn’t give her any money anymore, she needs to pay the rent of her new flat where she has to move.

She will ask from 1500€ to 10000€. As well, she will let you know when she wants you to make her a present. The real problems begin when you realize that she is a scammer, and you decide to give up. Then she will try to harass your friends and your relatives with SMS, messages and phone calls. She will claim that you have AIDS, that you are a cheater, that she is your girlfriend etc. This is part of a blackmail, she “will stop” when you will “give her what she wants”. If you are in contact with this woman, I strongly advise you take all measures to protect yourself and urge you to stop any correspondence. DO NOT send money. She is extremely dangerous because she is patient, plays the victim, and doesn’t hesitate to have sexual relationship with you. She will try to get as much information as possible about your family and friends, to use and to harass them if you decide to leave her.

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