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Lucas Benjamin postal scammer

I am writing to you regarding a scam that took place over the last several months.
Name of scamer: Lucas Benjamin, born 1983 in Alexandria , Va, USA. Emailed address [email protected] phone number 011-234-7053119604.

Asks for assistance with cashing postal money orders. When taken to the bank it took 9 days for the clearing house to find out that they were counterfeit. Lucas states he works in Lagos Nigeria and can not cash the money orders. When a second set of money orders were sent I took them to the bank and then the postal service who informed me they were counterfeit. The package came to my mail and the money orders were sent from a man named Dewey.

The  police department,  postal Service and the bank where cashed were notified immediately. The cash was sent to Lucas before knowing the postal money orders were counterfeit by money gram. He has had several stories stating he was hired to work in Lagos, Nigeria and upon completion of his job, the company he worked for scammed him and never paid him for his work. He needed money to get home and pay his hotel bill.

I was also contacted by a so called doctor Sam Tiawo from Rose hospital,email address [email protected] in Lagos, who stated Lucas  was found unconscious and was taken to hospital. In his pocket was my email address. Again asking for more money to pay medical bills. Money never sent.

This man is 6 feet tall, dark completion, brown eyes, spanish accent, and no record of passport ever found to go to Lagos, Nigeria under this name.

He comes up with several stories.. Be careful, he has since this email deleted his facebook, email account. He will show up again under another name.

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