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Liliya Golovkova from Lugansk

Pro dating and scammer scenarios.

You correspond with her, then when visiting her you will never be alone. She will book your apartment herself. Taxis are friends and costs are incredibly expensive. She writes letters in perfect English but speaks at a more average level. This justifies the presence of her friend who was supposed to help her with the emails. In fact the girl who writes the emails is Elena Mostavaya, former scammer in Lugansk.

I sent her 200 euros to make a passport. Then she asked for 350 euros so that she could go to the embassy in Kiev. I refused to send her the money and proposed to book myself, I was sent a personal bank account number, to the name Vladislav Molozin, supposed to be the manager of the Kiyavia travel agency in Lugansk. I called there and nobody called Molozin works there.

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