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Kristina Yagodarova

Kristina Yagodarova

Age : 30
Location : Street Soviet 37, 18, Yoshkar-Ola (Russia)
Email : [email protected]

Another western union/visa type scam. See attached letters.

Letter 1

Hello my friend Jose!
I have been pleasantly surprised, having seen your letter written for me.
For me it would be interesting to continue to correspond with you.
But first of all I want to tell about myself,
That you have a little learned about me and I also hope for that,
That you will tell a little about yourself that we have better learned each other.
I think it to us strongly will help to come nearer to our dream and we shall find common language.
I live in Russia it very far from your house, whether also I do not know you were sometime here…
I live in Jurino. It is rather big settlement,
Which population makes approximately about 5000-6000 person.
It very beautiful and me here very much is pleasant to live.
My birthday on April, 4, 1979. This year to me to be executed 30 years and I still
Has not found the partner in life, second half.
I the romantic person and not looking at that,
That everyone speak that the love at first sight does not happen, I believe in it!
I want to find this such person that when I have found it,
That has understood at once, that it is the one for whom I always searched.
I am cheerful and almost always cheerful.
I like to feel confidence.
It is pleasant for me when behind my shoulder costs self-assured,
Strong and beautiful the man, which at any moment
Can stand for itself and for the beloved.
I rather versatile woman.
I can be pleased lives and present happiness to the favourite person.
All my familiar speak that with me very easily to communicate
Also that I very kind and sociable person as speak ” soul of the company “.
But not looking on all this I and could not find to myself the man in Russia.
If you knew that recently Russian men very roughly concern to women.
It is much more interesting to them to drink or sit with friends.
I was not married, but I some times met
With men also I can tell only one, that after several appointments
At them all interest vanishes. Also my unmarried girlfriends also speak.
Russian men degrade, him it is more interesting alcohol,
Instead of beautiful Russian women and it very much irritates me.
I simply want to be happy and loved.
For the sake of the person who will love me, I am ready to go on all!
I shall be cares and to respect it.
You know, I also love gymnastics and very much I like to float. I simply adore to float.
I try to watch myself and appearance,
Because it is very important for each woman.
I as like to be alone with the nature. I like to walk in the evening on parks.
I very much like to look from a window at a sunset.
I want to have children, I very much love children,
But before I think that will be necessary to solve it with the beloved,
Which I and have not found…
Only when we together shall decide that children, only are necessary for us then and will be.
If you want to learn me I shall answer closer necessarily write also I to you.
In the following letter try to tell to me as about itself and the employment.
If you can, have gone to me please the photo.
Only please do not send me the big files!
As many money is necessary to pay for them to me in the Internet of cafe,
Whence actually I also have written to you this letter, I hope that it will be not the last…

I wait with impatience of your following letter Kristina!!!

Letter 2

Greetings Jose!!!
I am glad that you have written to me. I very much like to receive from you letters.
On work I already all have told that have got acquainted with you on the Internet
Also you know there were many questions.
I have told that it very interestingly, only it would be desirable the greater
And I hope that you completely with me agree.
After the working day I go on foot to myself home.
My house is not so far from my work.
Therefore to me attracts to go on foot and to admire the city.
I spoke you that our city not such
Big but all the same to me delivers great pleasure to take a walk on evening streets of city.
In city centre many old buildings. It is a lot of buildings which more than 50 years.
I very much like these old constructions. They are always very beautiful and graceful.
For me, they – an embodiment of beauty. I was very quivering
I concern to subjects of olden time, I in general, very much love a history…
I do not like houses which have been constructed 20-30 years ago, in days of USSR.
All houses constructed at this time identical…
I very much like to walk in city centre, there it is always very beautiful.
At night at us in city other life wakes up absolutely.
Lanterns and city light up is filled with light.
I I hope could give you the small description of the city.
Tell to me please, than you are engaged at leisure?
I very much like to have a rest on the nature with the friends.
In the summer we go to ourselves on a summer residence all family.
I probably yet did not speak you that we behind city have years small house,
But it very small and sometimes we there even remained for the night.
My mum puts there any greens and flowers because money not always suffices
To buy in shops.
I probably already spoke you that I very much like to float
And recently I have decided to enter the name in pool.
I shall go there three times to a week, on Monday, environment and Friday.
Tell to me please about the house. In it it is cosy?
I live modestly enough. But all the most necessary at me is.
Sometimes I like to dream up on kitchen. But not frequently.
Quickly, that that I shall prepare also for all. Very much I love visitors.
But they come, to my big regret not frequently.
We live modestly enough. But all the most necessary at us is.
You could tell to me about the family and friends?
It is very interesting to me to learn as you you will spend
The free time, what your hobbies.
You like to listen to what music? To me very much to like
Modern popular music, especially foreign.
But sometimes I very much like to listen to classics. To me very much
To like ” the Lunar sonata ” Beethoven. I listened to her many times,
But thus it is ready to listen to her again and again.
Each time she causes new feelings and emotions.
But, basically, I can listen to any music. And she to me all
Will attract equally.
Music does our life more colourfully and more brightly, without it would be melancholy and monotonous, how you think?
I hope that I shall soon see the letter from you.
Last time I with the big impatience wait from you for the answer. Kristina

Letter 3

Hello Jose!!!!!!!!!!
How your affairs, how at you mood? I’m fine.
Now I am at the aunt in Cheboksary.
It not big and beautiful, but unfortunately is very noisy city.
In this city most of all to like me quay-
This place where is possible to sit, have a rest and even to dream.
When I was small we with mum very much frequently went there to walk.
For me it became already native place. Me till now pulls there.
When I sit there, I recollect the childhood. As I again want to descend there.
Well all right let’s talk now about us.
I have absolutely overlooked to tell to you that I yesterday talked to mother.
We conducted long conversation and have mentioned many themes,
Which I had to it to explain, that finally has led to to that that my mother
Has believed me and even very much was delighted to that that I have got acquainted with you.
She counts that it funny, to communicate with the person which so far from you.
At me at once it was cheered up, that my mum has approved my decision.
Dear, she wants to write to you the letter and to talk to you personally.
Dear tomorrow when I shall come to the Internet of cafe
I shall take my mum with myself and she will write to you the letter. Well?
I become really very glad that our friendship more strong.
With each letter we learn more and more and more about each other.
And this much means, I began to understand you better.
You became really very expensive to me as the friend.
At me very few familiar men with which I could so to behave as with you.
With you I feel open and fair, because this distance between us,
Does me more liberated and it is easy for me to communicate and open to you the soul.
I too very much hope that you also openly communicate with me.
Because the friendship is based on trust to the person. If you do not trust the person that
It to you not the friend because you cannot entrust to it the soul.
Therefore I very much appreciate ours with you friendship.
And I am glad, that between us there are such warm friendly attitudes.
It is pleasant for me to read your letters and to think, how you there now, than you are engaged.
Due to these ideas my working day passes much faster than usually.
I do not know as, but something in me has changed after I have got acquainted with you.
I do not know that in me has changed, but I feel it,
Also I feel as that I have changed in the best party and consequently it is important for me.
I hope that you understand me, that you agree with me,
That friends should be valued, that only the friend will help you
To difficult minute also will submit to you a hand of the help.
And you began for me to one of from – such friends whom I value,
At me not so it is a lot of them and on this it does my friendship to you even more attachment.
I wish you successful day and good mood. I wait for your letter. Your friend Kristina

Letter 4

Hello my lovely Jose!!!
I am madly happy. At me very good mood!!!
My dear, yesterday I went to travel agency and have learned much about tourist trips.
I very much would like to visit somewhere,
for this purpose I recently began to save money, now I have a little.
In fact I not to time where was not also to me awfully terribly to go there,
Where I know nobody and at all I have no representation that I there did one.
Now to me already not enough simple correspondence through the Internet.
I very much would like to meet you to learn you even better.
Now, that I about you know all, all this very much is pleasant to me in you,
And all this very much involves me in you. I feel, that you very good person,
And I very much would like to learn you also in a life.
And after long reflections I have come to a conclusion that probably would be wonderful
If I have arrived instead of rest to you.
It would be the present rest, near to the person who is very interesting to me,
And we at last could get acquainted with you much closer than in letters.
In fact only when we can see each other in a real life
And to talk with each other, only then we could understand
We test what feelings to each other.
I so would like to see your smile and how you would be
It is happy if could meet. It probably will be very healthy and it is romantic.
I hope that you not against such decision, that I was going to go to you, in your country.
To me will be how many it is not a pity the spent money to road to you,
Because I think that will spend with you for me most pleasantly on light.
I miss on you and my ideas only about you.
And I am very happy that at me
Such opportunity of travel up to you has appeared.
In fact differently our meeting probably never would take place.
I hope that you will agree with me,
That I have made the correct decision to go to you on a visit.
If you certainly against it if you do not want that I have arrived to you
Also has lead the rest near to you that inform me about it!
But now at me very good mood and fighting adjust to go to you on a visit,
Because to me very much hunting to learn is closer and even better than you.
My dear, I talked to mother on the account of that,
That I want instead of rest abroad, to visit to you, to to loved.
Because we are already well familiar also I test warm feelings to you.
I already for a long time did not test such feelings to men.
You very good person and I want to try the happiness and to leave to you
For some time to learn each other it is better.
My mum after some meditation has told to me that if I so has decided,
Also that, if I really feel,
That with you to me it will be valid well number why and is not present.
In fact a life one and to stay its houses and and to not find love,
That half from which I would be happy actually
Also could live for a long time and happily.
I was very glad to that my mother has approved my decision
And it has given to me of even more force and confidence.
Loved, I so want to be near to you!
I very much want to feel your embraces and warm words,
Which we shall speak each other. I shall wait for your letter.
I love you. A kiss Kristina

Letter 5

Hello my love Jose!!!
I am happy that again I receive from you the letter.
I very strongly love you. I already for a long time about it thought and dreamed,
It would be simple a miracle to celebrate my birthday with the beloved-
With you my love, it would be simply enormously healthy,
I very much very much very much want it, and with impatience I wait for this moment,
When we we shall be together, you only present my loved,
I suggest us to plunge ideas for one minute into dream and desire that we already
Together we run each other towards with open arms, and you
My lovely you run towards to me with the big bouquet of yellow roses, we
For a long time we cost not releasing each other from strong embraces and steadfastly
Gently we look each other in the face, and we can not see enough in any way
Against each other. It is very good us together. We at last together.
Our hearts flare, our pulse jumps up all fastly and fastly,
We like each other and to whom we shall not give.
And present my love, we in the evening happy sit on a soft sofa
Also we drink wine from smart glasses, and a number
Beautifully fire wood in a fireplace crackle, we gently embrace each other,
Also we speak each other gentle words of love, about that as night is short, and
We look at this fire, the same as at us in hearts
And to us together so it is madly pleasant and cosy, that it would seem we could
To stay so eternity not releasing each other from a kind. You whisper
You speak to me gently: ” Lovely close eyes ” and I close and when
Again I open their that I see before myself very smart diamond
By ring which you to me allow and you speak ” Lovely, be mine for ever,
I very much love you.. ” – also you tender kiss me. I am outside of myself with happiness and
Pleasures, so it is pleasant for me also we not coming off we are strong kissed. You it
Has imagined? How it romantically the truth? I of it madly would like, and you?

My loved I with impatience wait for this moment, when we
Let’s meet, and it is feasible our dreams because our love is not present
Any borders. I every day think only of you my desired,
And you I shall always love, and I hope these feelings I shall are mutual.

Letter 6

Hello my love Jose!
I for a long time thought above your offer.
Not so simply to dare to leave for the unfamiliar country.
But my feelings are stronger than fear. I very much want to be near to you.
To concern your body, a breast. To caress it.
I think that you can trust. You that person,
With whom I would like to live all stayed life.
You would like it?
If it is possible, I would not like to postpone my trip to you.
I very much am afraid to lose you and that time which has presented us destiny!
Today in a lunch break I went in travel agency.
And all has learned about my possible trip to you and what package of documents is required to me.
On the one hand I am madly glad, that all appeared not so difficultly as I assumed.
On the other hand I am very much upset.
On all my charges I will need 800 dollars.
I have counted it at the rate of a currency exchange of the Central Bank of Russia.
Also has transferred in dollars.
This sum includes cost for air tickets, registration of the visa for 90 days,
Cost of the passport, the medical insurance, services of agency.
As to me have told to me it will be necessary to issue the visa,
Also it will be the best way to make the tourist visa.
It is the fastest and convenient variant.
In that case I will not need the invitation from you.
The invitation is made out for a long time, and in that case the best variant
It to issue the tourist visa.
I, certainly, assumed, that all costs dearly, but what so it is expensive!…
And I even was upset a little.
For us in Russia it is simply huge money.
And I cannot take them anywhere. I very much regret that I can not pay for it.
It is very inconvenient for me to speak you it.
But I should ask you, there can be you can send this money?
I very much want to see you but as you see at me there is no money.
And unique hope only on you. This meeting is necessary for both of us.
If my charges for you will be dear, I, certainly, all I shall understand, do not doubt.
In fact sometimes it is necessary to refuse itself in many respects.
I have now gone home, we sing and I shall lie to sleep.
And at all I do not know, that I would like more,
That tomorrow has more soon come or on the contrary did not come.
I wait for your answer. Good-bye. I hope, that up to fast.

Letter 7

Greetings my loved Jose!
As I have become bored on you, I would not like to see you somewhat quicker!
I went to bank and have learned as it is possible to send money from one country in another.
In bank to me have told that it will be the best way to use system « Western Union ».
To me have assured, that this company the most effective
And successful in system the express train transfer money.
I do not know anything but as to me have told in bank about this system
It is the most simple way transfer money.
To carry out transfer money, to you my full Name and the Surname is necessary to know.
To me your full Name, a Surname, the full address and also will be necessary to know the sum transfer money.
And as ten figures of control number transfer money (MTCN)
And city from which you will send me this money.
When I will have all these data I shall come to bank and I can easily receive money.
Like and all about transfer money.
At first sight all seems not difficultly.
I shall write to you the personal data, which you
It should be used by transfer of this money to me:
Name: Kristina
Surname: Yagodarova
The country: Russia
City: Yoshkar Ola
The address: Street Soviet 37, 18
Also it will be very good if you still can send a photocopy of the warrant.
Other data to you to specify not necessarily,
As all of them equally play a supporting role and have no any value.
If something will be not clear for you, please ask, I shall try to answer all your questions.
Your girlfriend from Russia Kristina

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