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Goes by ann, caringann, caringme, Segun

Goes by ann, caringann, caringme
(60 y.o male in this one on,
wilson1, 1wandawluv1, mingleatbest, Segun

Mixed race
Uk father/Columbian mother...both dead so they tell you...
lives US but is travelling abroad on business.
purports love in a matter of days
Will con folks away from dating sites and lure them with love promises...then once hooked...
they will start asking for money.
They will even send you gifts if you're crazy enough to give them your address. (I wasn't)

Livonia, Michigan
christian, libra, no children

body of profile will usually contain:
whom i can share my aspirations, goals, dreams and even my pains and agony with in friendship
first that will lead to a more serious relationship..I am also willing to relocate for love and for good
as lonliness is noone's friend and also willing to relocate for a good reason and for love..

email is: [email protected]
Reported at: Fraud Commission USA, this site!
3 separate host sites...they hack into host sites it seems...
Yahoo personals
Yahoo abuse
and, of course, reported here.

busy group here... They have had this yahoo email account since Oct. so it's still fresh so far.
NOTE : Another profile has been found on with exactly the same profile 
except for age and location. You can view it here
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