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Fred Peter / Curtis Freeman Nigeria Scammer

Fred Peter sent me a message on my skype. We talked for about 4 months, him wining his way into my heart and my childrens heart called them his princess’s. He portrayed himself as a single father from Chapel Drive Annandale VA USA who was working in UK then got a contract gardening in Nigeria on a new theme park. He sent photo’s of what was supposed to be him and his little girl Annie.
When in Nigeria for about a month Annie was supposed to have thypoid fever and appendicitus and needed an operation. He told me he only had $800 but needed $7000 and was there any way i could help cause his pay had been held up and he feared for his daughters life.
I send him $5oo he in his workers name as he told me he had local ID and this would be easier. So to curtis freeman of 14 Liverpool road, lagos I send $500 though western union. It was not till he sent a fake medical report that i began to realise i had been scammed. There was no hospital by the name of St Judes in Nigeria and liverpool road came up as fraud. I hope that somebody will read this and know not to trust this man beware.
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