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Fraudsters Con Victims Out Of Thousands Of Pounds In iTunes Scam


Scammers are duping older people out of thousands of dollars by asking them to pay off a non-existent tax debt with iTunes vouchers.

HM Revenue and Customs are reporting that hundreds of people have fallen victim to a scammers who are making cold calls to victims telling them that they owe large amounts in tax. They say this can be paid off by purchasing iTunes gift cards.

After purchasing the card, the victim reads off the number, which the fraudster either sells on or uses to purchase high value products.

HMRC has written to the chief executives of major retailers, asking them to inform staff about the scam so they can help protect customers.

Action Fraud said there has been 1,500 victims, mostly over the age of 65, with an average financial loss of £1,150 though some have lost much more.

Following a previous awareness campaign, there have been examples of supermarket staff warning customers they may be falling victim to a scam when they purchase hundreds of pounds of iTunes vouchers.



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