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Ebay Scam – ebay user ID: philipwilliams48464

ebay user ID: philipwilliams48464

Listed a Sony PSP on ebay and it was bought immediately for the buy now price. I then checked the buyers history to find that he had only just created his ebay account. He tried to bluff me with seemingly legitimate e-mails, and also overpaid me by £30. Said he was from England, postage address was to someone called Luwis Adeyemi in Nigeria.

I advise that:
– You sign in to your own PayPal account to confirm the money is in your account.
– Research the seller, i.e. check the sign-up date.
– Be aware of suspicious behaviour such as overpayment and the buyer urging you to post as soon as possible.
– Be very sceptical when recieving e-mails from PayPal or eBay saying that you have recieved payment. CHECK THIS OUT FOR YOURSELF!!
– Do not post product until you are sure you have the money.

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