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Devid, Gera, Petr (Petros), Alex, is also Damir Halilov

Well it’s just like we all have found out, he/she is the same person scamming as four other people that I can tell.

We’re at the point of the relationship where he goes to the “Agency” to get his papers in order to come to America. I so glad i found this site. He says he lives in Orenburg,RU. His email address is listed as [email protected]

I feel pretty hard for this jerk, however I’m not out any $$, just a lot of time and heart-ache. Hope my story helps others. Here are some of the same emails you all have posted. They are mostly form letters, with a few personal touches to make it all sound legit.
Can’t wait for the next letter (internet cafe transmission bull shit story) next week. I’m hoping to pull the old switch-a-ro and tell him I’m on my way to see him,(within the next 2 weeks) so he can save his money  for the wedding……
Let’s see what his response is then, I’ll keep you updated….

Hello my dear friend xxx. dated march 17th 2008
 How are you? I am very glad to see your letter. It is always
to read your letters because you are not indifferent to me. I like to
 read that you
wrote. It is all because you became close person for me and dear.
I consider you not only like friend on correspondence, but also more
 than simply
friend. Recently I had a lot of work.
 It is very pity that we can not simply come to each other and talk.
It is very pity that we are divided by the whole ocean, but I am glad
 that I could
find you. I am glad that I have you because I am lonely and you help me
 to get rid
of this loneliness. You give me reliance of that I’m man who can give
 love and take
love. I love you, my friend. I hope that is mutually. Yes, it was
several letters to understand that you are very good and kind man. My
cousine said that I became much more vigorous and more cheerfully
after that we have begun to correspond. I consider that she is right
because you has filled my life with a heat and hope.
By the way last time with her we looked remarkable film “Family man”.
I love this film very much. Have you seen this film, in the main role
 Nikolas Kage?
I looked recently other film with Nicolas Cage, it is – “Ghost Racer”,
 “NEXT” and “Nation Treasure”.
Also I very much loved a melodrama “The Holiday”. You looked these
 films? This very beautiful and interesting.

I want to send you my post address:
Damir Halilov
Zauralnaja St. 37-14
460110, Orenburg. Russia.

Only I want to ask you to do not send me letters by mail. Because
I do not trust our post system. I am afraid that of the letter or
that you would send me will be stolen and somebody will read them.
I am afraid of publicity and you probably understand me.
I ask you to do not send letters there. Let’s better limited to
on e-mail and calls. I hope that you will understand me and will do as
 I ask you.
Well, I do not remember if I got your adress or not, so can I have it?
It is very interesting for me learn what is your religion?
Business in that I’m orthodox christian. I go in church Seldom, it
 explains by
my congestion at work. But when I have day off, I visit church. Our
 churches are
very beautiful also it is pleasant to be there. There is quiet and it
 is possible
to think of itself and about close people. I think of you and about us
 very much.
Yes, you became very close for me, I love you, but it becomes huge
I want to be with you beside to hold you for a hand and talk to you
 gentle and
tender words. We are deprived this opportunity. I am very tired to live
 and to
hide the individuality. But to regret I do not see ways to decide this
In your country with it all are much easier, and some times it becomes
for me that I was born in Russia instead of in the other country where
 people can
do averything and can be who they want to be. Well it is short but we
 have time.
I love you and I am very glad that I has found you. Many kisses to you,
Yours Damir.

Another correspondence: dated march 29th 2008

Hello my dear xxx.
How are you? After I had written to you the last letter I slept very
 bad all night.
I turned all the time and could not sleep. I think it is because I’m
in love with you and I can not live without you. I’m very lonely, my
soul cries, it wants caress and love. My soul wants to escape and fly
through ocean, incorporate with you and your soul. I do not understand
those people who does not understand what love is. Yes, love is
only emotion, but it is very strong emotion which impossible to
supervise. The control is simply impossible. When you fall to sleep
and think about man who you love. When you sleep and see yourself with
this man. When dream of meeting with him. It is possible to lose a
mind. I am very grateful that I’m in love with you. I am in love with
such remarkable man as you. I worry very much and I am exited. When I
write these lines my hands shiver and makes mistakes.
It can to you will seem not absolutely sincerely, but believe me, that
 my words
Go from the heart and I with you am sincere as with anybody. I want to
 tell you,
That all this time while I could not write to you I much about you
 thought and it is very strong
Missed. Yes, I very long and with huge impatience waited for this
 moment, when
Again I can read a mail from you and write. My soul in delight of that
 we with you
Approach more and more and more. My heart is overflown with new
 emotions and me
Dialogue with you strongly touches. I have got again sensation of
 spiritual affinity
With the person who is so far taking place while from me.
My life is sated with new sense and all this due to you. You remarkable
The person and I not ceasing thank destiny that she does not cease to
wishful the gifts. Yes, my thirst of you is huge. Your letters for me,
As freshening drink of a drink in gloomy desert of my feelings. You
My life by new dreams and hopes. Before my eyes it is constantly drawn
Reality of an our future meeting
I hope in one day will happend very important thing for us and we
shall meet. When I had a sleep I has dreamed about us.
It was stimulating dream because we made love. You gave me tenderness
and caress. You have penetrated into me. I carres yours “boy” and
you groaned from pleasure. When I have woken up I has found that I has
wet dream. When I took a shower I dreamed of you. I dream as it would
be perfect to be together. Dreams are so sweet, it is pity that only
dream. I think that you will agree with me. I’ll begin to find ways to
 arrive you.
You know, as though not my life was sated with work and other affairs,
To which I give time, I nevertheless felt before occurrence of you very
You have brought to my life many joyful instants. Though I also like to
 have a rest, but for
Last time it is possible not too frequently. I very much like to go in
 campaigns on a nature
And to conduct an active way of life. I am involved not especially with
 bars, in which people idly
Will spend time behind the use of alcoholic drinks. Certainly I
 sometimes get out in similar
Institutions with friends, but never I use a lot of spirits. Besides I
 do not smoke.
My lovely, for today already it is time to me to finish the letter. I
 shall try
To write to you still it is fast. I with impatience shall wait for the
 moment, which
I can take advantage and go in internet what to receive the letter from
 already close to me person.
Well I should go because I will have hard working night. Today I work
in night change. I will dream about you.<br><br>

With sincere feelings and a warm kiss,<br>
Yours Damir.

I really hope this guy/person gets caught and gets his dues in life. Karma is a bitch and will find it’s way back to this slime ball…..please contact me if you have any other info on this scam THANKS


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