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Christiana Donald Possibly The Scammer Chris Donald?

This may or may not be the Chris Donald many are recently reporting, he/she gave the name “Christiana Donald” and one of the very first things I noticed and remarked about to a friend was that this was the very first woman I had ever met who could understand a man’s point of view.

Perhaps that should have gave me my first clue, but it didn’t. The email address I was given was [email protected]

After just two weeks of a whirl-wind romance hearing everything I wanted to hear but getting very few details about her no matter how many times I asked, except for some pics of what looked like a very young, healthy, beautiful girl (her swearing up and down she was 29 but looking like jailbait), she pushed me to plan a vacation for us to meet.  At the very last minute, she needed $1037.00 in cash to book her flight. It absolutely had to be in cash due to the over-the-top reasons she conjured up.  I put the brakes on, asked some more questions which tripped her up, then she vanished.

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