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Be Careful If Using to help with your CISCO exams!

I can’t say this is a scam as such but it is perhaps an unethical way of doing business and it does entail giving out your Cisco id and other personal details so, think before you part with your cash!

Just a kind reminder, the really sucks, I have very bad experience with this jerk evil company.

This company claim that they got the real lab exam questions and diagrams, and is selling their material for thousands of dollars, after you payed money, they will ask your real name, cisco candidate ID, ccie written test score and taken date, all these infor are used to watermark all the materals they are giving you to prevent you from leaking these materials to anybody else, and used to threaten you in the future, to bond you with them forever, if you don’t want give them these info, they won’t give you the material even you paid them, which make you feel very bad, after you sent them the info, they know that your infomation and they can access your cisco profile with this info anytime if they want


Finally, you got the material, you’ll found that the wording of the questions is very bad, you can’t understand what the question really about, confuse you a lot, and this company don’t have technical support about the material, later, you will find their resolutions to the questions have too many errors and mistakes, if you use this anwers to go for exam, you will fail for sure, the resolution to the question really sucks.
From the website, they have the news about the new updates about the test, but when you ask for the updates, you have to send them your real name, cisco candidate ID, written test date and score again, if you put anything wrong in this info, they will refuse to give the updates. even though you give them the right info, you have to ask them 2 or more times to get it

After you failed, your account may expired, coz what you purchase is only 3 or 4 month account on their website, then you will lose the access to the materials ( it is web connection based access to the material, if no internet, you have no access, you can’t save it, and all water marked with your inportant info), if you renew it, you have to pay almost the same money.

At last you will find that you spent the money, you can’t pass the ccie in a short time as you expected, you may fail 3 or more times, finally found out that you waste money too.

Due to my personal life, I can’t pusue this CCIE anymore recently, I have to wait for 3 years, I really hate myself now and this, I created this new id here to tell you guys the story, coz the cciecert evil guys sneaks aroung here and solicite candidates in dark here, my advise is: don’t trust them, they are just liers.

So not only do you need to send a large sum of money to an anonymous person, but then after you have paid you will need to give them your real name and Cisco ID, as well as your written test score and the date you passed the written exam.  The company now has you by the balls.  Even if you pass the lab – with or without their labs – they have a very easy way to identify you to Cisco so that Cisco can revoke your digits.  The more conspiracy-minded might even consider that this could be a honey-pot for Cisco.  🙂

Even if these companies have copies of the actual labs and you’re willing to shell out to cheat, do you really want a company to have your unique Cisco identification information on file?  Your poor decision today could end up costing you much, much more in the future.

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