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Arthur Nazaryan scammer from Tyumen, Russia – [email protected]


Please Note : We would like to make it clear that this is NOT the same person as the photographer Arthur Nazaryan who’s web site you can see here and who is nothing to do with this scam.

I would just like to advise you that at this moment in time, I think Arthur Nazaryan is a scammer. I got to know him through He immediately asked to talk off that site and we communicated through his e-mail [email protected]. The name he uses is Arthur Nazaryan. 

Yes he was very charming and I suppose there was that excitement about meeting somone so far away, who lived in a totally different world to myself. I was totally taken in and whether he really loved me or not, I thought it would have been nice for him to come to the west.

Like other stories, that I have read on your site. He introduced himself and then told me all about the town of Tyumen, the size, the river that flows through it. Like others, in the beginning, when I asked him questions, they were not answered, though in later e-mails, he did answer some of my questions. He supposedly has that beautiful body from from gymnastics or as he says “aerobics”. There wasn’t any sob story about his family treating him badly, only that his father did not understand. His mother did and she loved him. Most of his friends knew that he was gay but he hadn’t anywhere to go as their wasn’t any gay outlet in Tyumen. He had been in a relationship for a year, but his partner found another man and went off.

Like other guy’s stories, he started to fall in love with me after two weeks and after about three weeks told me that we could be together. That he had gone to the travel agents and had been advised that he could get a visa but that he had only the equivalent of $300.00 and if I could, but he didn’t like asking and could understand should I refuse, $860.00. He had to take his holidays from the 14 February. Well naturally, I was interested as I wanted the best for him. So I agreed and sent the money by yes, you guessed it! Western Union.

All was fine and he picked up the money. The funny thing here and I did think that it was strange, but I happened to be looking up the website for visas in to Ireland and If one applied on-line, it would take eight weeks to receive approval or denial. When, I said this to him, he said that the travel agent could get around this and not for me to contact the Irish Embassy. I just assumed if you paid someone enough in Russia, anything could happen! 

Well, last Thursday, he dropped a real bombshell on me! After he picked up the tickets, he was informed that he would not be let out of Russia unless he had enough money to provide him for each day out of his country – this information, I now realise is untrue, but old gullible me and not wanting him to be prevented from travelling, nor I wanting to loose the money, I put towards the ticket, got the money from the bank and sent it by Western Union. This guy was really good! He showed me his itinerary for travel and wanted me to be there at the airport. He told me that he was leaving by train from Tyumen to Moscow as it was cheaper and when in Moscow would contact me from an Internet Cafe. 

On the 14 February, after he was supposed to be in the air, I got a message from him saying that he could not leave his country as he had been stopped at customs with the money I gave to him. That apparently, the rules had now changed and that he didn’t need to carry the money. Also, that the customs also checked to see what debts he had outstanding and wouldn’t let him go for he owed $7040.00 on his flat, (which he had previously told me, he was renting). He was in floods of tears and raced to the bank to use my money to pay off part of this loan. He now promises to sell his apartment and pay me double what he took from me. He said that he would write to me today, but as yet, I haven’t heard anything.

By the way, I didn’t mention this relationship to anyone here, until last Thursday and immediately there was great panic that I may have been taken in by a scam. I wouldn’t believe them. Arthur was not like that, he was someone who wanted to better his life in the west and could you blame him! Alas, now I have seen the error of my ways!

Yes, this adventure has hurt me emotionally and in the pocket and although that money has hurt me, I now accept it is “water under the bridge” and that I should move on.

By the way, just an idea that I got from this site, I wrote to him last night suggesting how disappointed I was that he wasn’t able to make it, expressing my love etc., just to see if he will keep writing to me. I have also advised “Spandex-Party” to be aware of his profile, which has not been in operation, since the 15 January, probably when he picked on me. His profile on that site is – ART635.

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