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Aleksey Kanashin – Scammer

Aleksey Kanashin

I feel like such a fool for being duped by this guy for as long as I was, he is a very slick customer, I at least had to presence of mind to have him checked out by a private investigater before sending any money.

He is unlike most scam artists he does actually read your emails to him, he answers some of the content of your email to him but does not answer direct questions. Having not found him on any known scam databases I thought I would post here all that I can in order to help avoid someone elses heart, mind and bank balance from being damaged.

Below you will find his emails and pictures sent to me in the order they were received, along with a copy of the background check performed on him and a copy of his fake passport. He contacted through



Letter 1


How are you? I am happy.
I will tell to you a little about myself that you have solved you with me wish to have relations or not.
How you already know my name is Alexey.
If you well saw my photo that probably have already understood that I love sports, I consider that it very important for a healthy life.
To me of 29 years, and to you? My birthday on December, 29th, and yours.
I was never married and I have no children, but I very much like children and when my neighbours asked to sit with their kids they were very happy with me:)
What do I search from this acquaintance? I wish to find the half, that who will love me and who will be loved by me.
At me very bad experience of relations with gays from Russia, I do not trust those people that surround me, because sex and only is necessary to the
majority of them, but it not most is important in relations between two people.
At me it is a lot of hobbies. I like to go in for sports I already spoke about it, I very much like to cook food, I am am learnt by my mum))
Also I like to read, I very much like to read the books, very many it was possible to find out from this that many years are written back.
If you answer me, I will write certainly to you about me more than now, after all that you have understood the main thing that I search, whether not so?)
I very friendly person, I appreciate in people their private world, after all the main thing not that that at them outside and that that at them inside.
As it is possible to love the person which it is beautiful only outwardly, and inside at it emptiness or harm.
My friend I really do not know that to you still to write, but I will write about myself in the following letter certainly if I will find from you the answer.
I very much wish to get acquainted with you, perhaps it is our destiny?
What for from it to run.
By the way I will wait also from you for photos, I have no many but I will send you that that at me to eat well???
My friend I should go now, after all I write to you from Internet cafe and my
time comes to an end, but I will come tomorrow and I will look you have written to me or not.
I hope to find from you the letter, I very much wish to continue with you acquaintance!!!!
With the best regards your Alexey!!!!!

letter 2
Hello my friend [REMOVED].

I so am glad that all of you have answered me, probably I have interested you:))) It is very pleasant to me))
How are you doing? I’m fine, and now it is even better, I understand that I am interesting to you as the person.

I think that you wish to know little bit more about me?
Certainly I will tell to you how still you can find out me?))
I already spoke to you that to me of 29 years, I live in Saransk.
I live with my mum, but I do not have father, it has left from my mum when I
was 3 or 4 years old, I at all do not remember as it looks, my mum speaks that it very much
The cruel man, therefore she has divorced from it, she wished to bring up me the good person, and did not want that I saw these quarrels every day.
My mum knows that I the gay and you know it I have concerned it with understanding, after all its unique son, she very much loves me.
At me is not present the brother sister. And you have brother or sister? What do they think of that that you the gay?
At me not so it is a lot of friends, but they are very good people they as know that I the gay and have accepted me such what I is.
I work in sportswear shop, I sell sportswear. You saw my photo where I stand in this shop.
It will be very interesting to me to find out also about your life, write so we will find out each other better:)))
I should tell what very difficultly live in Russia to the gays, very many people do not love us, they despise and try to humiliate all time, it is very sad.
I know that in many countries marriages between gays are resolved, but in Russia it is not present.
You know at us in a city even there are no clubs for gays, there is no place easy to spend evening, but
Anything terrible I all the same go with friends to clubs to listen to good music and to dance:))
I should go now, because my time comes to an end. I hope to see from you
the answer to my letter. Write I will answer necessarily, you very pleasant person)))
Have excellent day!
With the best regards your Alexey!!!!
Aleksey Kanashin

Letter 3


Hi my dear friend [REMOVED].

I again have received your letter and you know I now is sure that we with you will have good relations:)
How are you doing??? It is very interesting to me to know about life in other country, it is especial in yours.
It is very beautiful country, I read about it in books much.
By the way I and did not speak about books to you that I like to read. Basically I read a fantasy and novels.
When you get a grasp and you understand all essence of product to be
immersed in the world, that world that to us the writer represents, with you such was not???
Last book which I have read it there was a War and World N.A.Tolstogo, you
know this product??? This very well-known product of marks of times and peoples.
Many read it, I read it already second time, I very much like this book so it is
beautifully told about love and the truth about that war that was in those years, it is very beautiful book.
Unfortunately I did not read any book in English because to me did not come across such books though I very much would like to read even one.
You can translate the texts, I understand all, but I will write to you in English well??? I want that I had a practice!!!!
I very much love sports, I from the childhood went to Rugby football, I very assiduously was engaged acted at many school competitions, but then I
have thrown it and was engaged in track and field athletics, now I visit a training hall and in the mornings I do jog, I want to hold the body in the form.
But I very much am pleasant like football and Rugby football on the TV when
there are championships we with friends gather and together we look them, it is very cheerful. I think so many people all over the world do.
I did not speak you about one my hobby, it is fishing. You like to fish???
It is very interesting, we very much frequently go with friends on the river to fish. At us the river Volga proceeds, probably you know it, there there is a
lot of fish, certainly it too is difficult for catching, but very interesting.
Sometimes it is necessary to rise early in the morning approximately at 4 o’clock in the morning then still all city sleeps, but there are more chances to
catch a lot of fish, I very much love a fish, by the way my mum is very tasty
can to prepare for her, I too study is tasty to prepare for me my mum learns!!!
My dear I would like to tell to you still something, but I really should go, because my time comes to an end.
But know I now am sure that you write to me and I shall write again to you, I very much like to write to you, it is unusual, thank for that that you answer me:)
Have excellent day, I shall wait for your letter.
Your Alexey.
Aleksey Kanashin

Letter 4

Thanks for your letter my friend [REMOVED].

The my dear friend I is very glad to receive your letter)) As your mood?
You know, right after that as I have read your letter, to me it became very joyful on a shower, even when I have seen it I already was glad.

My friend I wished to ask you what films you love???
Romantic or fantastic, adventure???
I like all kinds of this genre and I look films on mood. But most of all I like a film ⌠Latter Days■.
It was a beautiful film.
It is about two gay guys that met each other in a complex where they both
stay. Due to circumstances they could not be together and one guy left the
city and moved to another city far from each other. They still love each
other over that distance and keep on thinking of each other. As time
passes, they meet up again, that was so beautiful.
You saw it a film, this very beautiful cinema.
My friend and you love what music???
I love music that it did my day more cheerfully and more vigorously.
When at me bad mood I listen to lyrical music, you know I I plunge into these histories which I hear in songs and I forget that world that surrounds me and I understand that a life very good thing. To me it becomes very good.
Very well that in sew lives there is a music after all without it there would be no much that we now have, so it not seems to you?
By the way and you are able to play any musical instrument? I play a guitar, I in the childhood studied and now even I compose songs, but nobody hears them except my friends, but it very much is pleasant to them:))) Can be when I will play also to you:))

I wish to ask you, what you search in relations between two people??
I consider that first of all it there should be a love, whether not so? Sex is certainly very important in relations, but it will not be such bright and not forgetting if two persons do not love each other.
I think that you will be agree with me, but all the same write that you think of it to me it will be interesting to know, after all only so we can find out each other better.
You know I very much would like to write to you still, but unfortunately I should go home, but I will come tomorrow and to write to you well???
I hope to receive from you the answer. It will be interesting to me to know what music to you it is pleasant also what films you look!!!
With the best regards your Alexey!!!!
Aleksey Kanashin

Letter 5

Hi my dear [REMOVED].

Today has come to cafe and again receive the letter from you, it so is pleasant!!!
You know very difficultly to find the good person now, even for dialogue!!!
But I have found such person and it you!!
It is pleasant to me to write to you and to answer your letters, I hope as to you as it is pleasant to write to me!!!!

Today at us very fine weather, shines the sun, warmly enough, and it is very beautiful!!!! So it is fine.
Today we with friends will go to park, to walk it so perfectly, I so like to walk on park.
All my best memoirs are connected with friends and parents certainly!!!!
Tell to me about your friends if you want certainly, but it will be interesting to me!!!!!
I very long was not able to float I was afraid some water and did not dare to begin but together with
friends, they have helped me with it,
I have started to float gradually, I swam away all further and further and now I very much even well
am able to float.
Now I with impatience would wait for summer every year that will go to warm day on the river and
to float in water.

I very much love the nature: wood, wild animals, birds it is very romantic and beautiful!!!
You love the nature????
What will you do today??? I hope you as spend perfectly time!!!
It is very interesting to me to learn about you, about that that occurs in other country, in other parts of the world!!!!
I certainly sometimes look news, but I not especially like this program because basically there speak
about that that occurs bad in the world!!!!

I hope that you like my letters, I very much like to read your letters.
I will finish the letter and I hope on photos to me very much are new it would be desirable your photos!!!!
At country to you of day my dear!

With the best regards your friend Alexey!
Aleksey Kanashin

Letter 6
Hello my dear [REMOVED!!!!!!]

How are you doing, your life???? At me well only it is a pity that you not near to me: (

I very much would like to know about that as you like to spend the days off.
I would like to tell to you today as we spend days off with the friends
At us in Russia people very much love the days off, because very much a tough job at The majority of them.
Who has simply a rest at home with a family who would go to itself on a summer residence that something
To make on the house. Many people go on the nature, because it very much it is good to have a rest on the nature:) we near to a city have fine woods and very often we go There with friends, only here it is a pity that it does not occur each days off: (
Certainly it would be desirable to get out each days off on the nature but it is impossible as we do not try.
We have one most favourite place, it is in wood, is very far from road.
There there is a small lake, also the small village, but people there there is located Kind and they never against that that we come, the main thing what we not Littered that lake with dust that occurs to all reservoirs of the world, it so is sad: (
Usually we plant a fire and we do meat on coals and we sleep in tents, sometimes We stop at the familiar person and we sleep at it, but on open air much Better so it not seems to you????
We go to fish,I am able to fish:) in the Evening before a fire we usually sing the songs, favourite songs, As I sang it some times songs which I have written itself, but unfortunately I could not To send you these songs: (I do not know where them to write down what to send you.
In revival it is very difficult to leave from there because very much it is pleasant there to us Everything, such feeling that is our house, but certainly it is necessary to come back again in
City vanity. But within a week there is a stimulus what to live:)
To return in following days off on that place.
I hope to you that was pleasant that I have written to you. I think to you it was interesting To read about that as we spend days off.

I hope to receive from you the answer, I very much like to come to the Internet of cafe and To see that there is a letter from you, it so is fine.

Have excellent put and do not forget about me, I will wait!!!

With love your Alexey!!!!!
Aleksey Kanashin

Letter 7

Hello my dear [REMOVED!]

I hope that you is nothing I name you my dear?
But it became seems to me that we enough more close than were at the very beginning of our acquaintance, so it not seems to you???
I was very interesting to read me about your life much I find out from your letters, on you and on your country, on that as there live people in other country.
My dear I hope that to you also interestingly to read my letters.
All that I write you about the life and about the time forwarding, it can be carried to the majority of people living in Russia. But it very cheerfully believe we do not spend time in vain.

My dear I wish to tell to you a little about that that I thought yesterday.
I search for such relations when all is constructed on trust, on love and care. It is very bad when one
person suspects of what that another, I have tested it to me it very well familiarly.
When two persons really love each other, there can be no speech about mistrust.
Also two persons which love each other should help in all each other, pass all difficulties together so it
will be much easier!!!
I search for the person which will be cares of me and about whom I will be I care!!!
The person which will understand me and which will be understood by me!!!
From our letters I see that you that person!!!! I understand that can early be still to judge, but
nevertheless I speak you that that I think, I do not wish to hide from you that that!!!!
My ideas are close to yours???
I would like to give you all heat of my heart!!!!
I think that you that person that is necessary for me!!! I wish to continue to develop with you our
relations as all goes so well!!!
I hope that it will not frighten you, I am simple really I wished to share with you the thoughts I think that we should speak each other that we think, if it concerns as that of our relations, I am right?
My dear I so would like to continue to write you this letter, but I am compelled to leave now, but I will answer you your following letter, I hope it will not keep itself waiting:))))
Have excellent day!!!
Your angel Alexey!!!!
Aleksey Kanashin

Letter 8
My dear [REMOVED]!

My dear I am very glad that all of you have written to me)))
If I am fair did not think that you write, I thought that you will think that I the madman:))) But it not so))) My dear do not pay attention I simply joke:))
To me it is really pleasant that you have written to me:) I long thought that you will answer my letter, but I could not present that you write.
It is now very difficult to me to write to you because I cannot concentrate on the letter and write, all it because of that that I think of you:)) But I nevertheless will write.

My dear I wish to tell to you that I together with my friend participated once in beauty competition, I sent you photos which my friend, it very good photographer did.
I have occupied then 6 place, to me I was very insulting thought that I will be the first because it there were very good photos, it was very qualitative. You like these photos? How you think I could win first place?
By the way I have sent you a photo where I sit in a tractor, almost naked I very much like this photo I think that it also is pleasant to you!!!
My dear I am very glad that at all of us so develops, it very much good relations in my opinion.
You like me as the person and as the beloved, yes I can tell to you that you my beloved:)))
My dear I understand that it sounds silly, but it is valid so, I can tell to you it. Certainly we saw only our photos and anything else, but I cannot really make to communicate with you through webcam because I have no it, but I try to write to you in the letters everything that it was interesting to you!!
I go every day from work or from the house to Internet cafe to write you the letter, certainly it occupies time to reach, after all from my house Internet cafe approximately 25 minutes, and from my work approximately 5-6 minutes, but I go, because I know that I will see again your letter, and know it does my mood by the best for all day.
Know I could continue this letter infinitely, but I should go, I know that I will return to Internet cafe and again I will write to you:)
Have the finest day, I think of you, I hope also you think of me:))
With love and a kiss from Alexey!
Aleksey Kanashin

Letter 9
Hi my dear angel [REMOVED]!

How are you doing? At me almost all is good:)
Why I speak that almost? It because I have no you nearby, and me
So it would be desirable to embrace you:) I hope that you are not confused, but I really would like it.
My dear and how at you with weather? At us today it is valid very much
Heat and the bright sun, very much is pleasant to me such weather because it pleases my soul!
My dear you like such weather? It is very beautiful and romantic, and still I as well as much to me very much like to walk at night. To you
It not seems that also romantically? After all stars, the moon, night air all it so pleases soul, and still it will be more pleasant if two persons which walk in such night love each other.
My dear I know that before far but I so I wish to walk with you, together with you here in such night.

Know I has started to reflect on that to meet with you, certainly I know that it probably early, but I already have started to think a little of that as it is possible to make it.
Certainly still early to lead on it conversation, but I think it is necessary to reflect already on it, I do not wish to correspond all time with you, I wish to see you and to speak with you, and to be near to you, I hope that you are not frightened:)
Know, it can be fantastic, but I think if to want it it it is possible to make.
Even which dreams I have started to dream me I see you near to me, I very much would like it. Tell as you to me concern? What do you feel to me? To me very important it is the nobility, I certainly understand what early to wait from you for words that you love me, there is no it yet will not be final, because love it is serious, I am right? But I can tell to you openly that I feel to you the warm feelings which are already ready to outgrow in love.
My dear I very much very much hope that you test the same feelings.
I very much very much like to write to you, and to find out from you more and more more news from your life. I would not like to leave Internet cafe, but I should go now after all at me time has come to an end, and I should send now this letter and go.
I leave but I promise that I will come again and I will write again to you:)
The main thing write me, I very much like to read your letters!
With hope of understanding and love, your Alexey!!!!
P.S. Have excellent day!!!!
Aleksey Kanashin

Letter 10

Hello my dear angel [REMOVED]

My dear you know very perfectly now to read your letter.
In the last letter I have written all that wished to tell so a long time to you, and I am glad that you have answered me, it is very fine!!!
It seems to me that I have fallen in love, has fallen in love as for the first time:) This such fine feeling so there is only time in a life and probably wash hour has come!!!
I so am glad to write all that I feel, because I know that you estimate my sincerity, I also very much appreciate sincere and fair people, such as you:)

Know I talked to the friends about us, I did not speak them anything superfluous, I only spoke as the relation develop between us, I think that it goes very much very well.
They speak that very little now people similar to you, the majority of others searches only for sex, but you not such, I precisely know it:)
Whether my dear I also asked them council concerning that it is necessary to us to meet sometime, all of them have told that it will need to be made in any case. This meeting will be the second stage of our relations.
I think precisely also, after all if we do not meet then to what all these letters, it will cause only a pain to heart.
I think we will solve in this occasion all that will be in our forces, I will do all that I can!!!
My dear how are you doing? How your friends? I hope all well?
By the way I nearly have not forgotten, my friends send you regards, and wish your of good luck with one person, you guess with whom?
With me:)
I think of you every second you never leave my head and it very much is pleasant to me!!!!!
It is very wrong to hide the feelings, I know even is ready to shout about it for the whole world!!!!
I hope that you correctly will understand me:)
Today such good day, I have noticed that recently I do not notice all bad that becomes round me, it has occurred after occurrence you in my life and is very glad to it.
Having read your letter, me as though charge energy and I am ready to curtail mountains and to drink ocean that there were no hindrances between us:)
My dear I am ready to write to you very long and much, but I should go now, but I will write to you.
By the way think over that that I have written to you in the letter, it is very important!
I love you, I want you more close to myself.
Kiss and embraces from Alexey.
Aleksey Kanashin


Letter 11

Hello my love [REMOVED!!!!]

I always shall name now you my love. You not against?

I have remarkable news to you. I have decided to execute our dreams.

I for a long time dream to see you. Dream to have strong embraces and
a gentle kiss with you. I shall try to execute my dream. Yesterday I
have learned that in one month I shall have holiday. I at once have
decided where I shall carry spend the holiday. I want to carry out my
holiday at you in the country. I want to visit you in one month. It
will be best my holiday. All holiday we shall be a line. Most my
treasured dream I will come true shall be near to you.

Our meeting it will be possible only if you want it. For me your
feelings are very serious. I read each your letter very attentively.

If you do not object about our meeting I shall prepare for documents
for trip. Our meeting will be possible if both of us shall want it. I
shall do all what to lead holiday with you. I would understand that it
in our forces what to have a meeting. If we shall prepare together to
a meeting our meeting is held. You agree? I hope you too you want a
meeting and you will help me.

I believe only mutual love. Therefore I believe that both of us want
this meeting. It will be the beginning of our joint life. I will be
sure it the most remarkable holiday in my life because you will be
near to me.

Excuse I my love should tell good-bye!

Aleksey Kanashin

Letter 12
Hello my love [REMOVED]!!!!!!!!!

I am very happy to receive your letter. My favourite, now I shall
speak you serious things. I very much ask you that you have was in
earnest to this letter very much, and with understanding have
concerned to my words. My favourite, I yesterday went to travel agency
to learn that to me it will be necessary to arrive to you. My dear, me
have told in agency that it will be necessary to make the visa, the
passport, various information, and the various documents, necessary to
visit you. To me have told in agency that all cost of documents will
cost about 400 Euro. Unfortunately I do not have such sum of
money to pay for services in agency. It is not very a pity to me that
I can pay independently, and your help is necessary for me. I
understand that for you it too greater money, but from me any more at
whom to ask the help except for you. My favourite, I very strongly
wish to meet you. I love you. My favourite, your help with money that
I could make documents is necessary for me and arrive to you. My dear,
I very much shall be grateful to you if you can help me with money for
documents. I shall never forget your help with money. My favourite,
all necessary documents will be produced approximately 10 days. My
dear, I very much hope for your help.

My dear, I learned as I can receive your help with money, to me have
told that there is system of remittances ” WESTERN UNION “. To me have
told that it is very fast remittance. My dear, I learned as it a
little works. You should go to the Western Union. There everyone will
well explain to you as to send me of money. That you could send me of
money you will to require my data. I shall give you the data. Here


Aleksey Kanashin

street Sverdlova 21

Also to me will your data that I could receive your money are

I love you. I wish to spend time with you. YOU my LOVE!!!!!!!!!

I shall look forward to hearing from you with impatience.

With love your Aleksey.
Aleksey Kanashin
Aleksey Kanashin
Aleksey Kanashin

Private investigators report:

Something is wrong here.

I can’t find the person named ” Aleksey Kanashin”, DOB 12/29/1978 in Saransk town, Mordovia Republic, Russia !!

The address “21 Sverdlova Str., Saransk, 430032” is a tenement house.
The building has 42 different flats. The person named “Aleksey Kanashin” does not live there.

He is the known scam artist!

We’ve checked his profile as “Aleksey Kanashin, DOB 12/29/1978 from Cheboksary city, Chuvashia
Republic, Russia” two months ago for another customer.
His home address was “12 Gagrina street, Cheboksary, 428017” (also bogus).

We’ve received the copy of his Russian passport (ID) by request. You can see it in attachment.
I’ve checked this passport through the database of Main Passport-VISA
Department Russian MVD and got the following result:

“The passport’s number 88 03 081088 was never issued in Russian
Federation. The copy passport you have supplied is a forgery – it is
not printed in the format we use.”

Most scammers lie about the city they live in. They do that to mislead the victims about their true identity.

We have found these scammer’s real location. They send the e-mails from Yoshkar-Ola city, Mari-El Republic.
But the person named “Aleksey Kanashin, DOB 12/29/1978 is not available in Yoshkar-Ola city also.

I advice you to cease the correspondence with scammers.


Well thats everything I have on this guy I hope it helps someone, any replies are welcome but please post them here. My thanks to the administrators of this website for making it posssible to inform all you guys and girls out there, we need to do all we can to combat this type of heartless souless crime.

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