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Welcome to Antiscam.Net

Established in 2001 to combat the rise of scams and frauds emanating from the East of Europe, Antiscam.Net has, over the years saved many people from falling victim to these crimes.

Since our first appearance on line we have broadened the scope of our what we do, to cover all types of criminal activity that would seek to defraud the general public out of their hard earned money, both on and off line.

We don’t charge for the information or advice that we give on Antiscam and the site is and always has been independent of any agency or other commercial concern. We do not own any marriage/dating agency and nor have we ever been involved in the running of any such agency. We do however have one affiliate link which you can see to the left of the site. This is for Elena’s Models whom we have always found to be reputable and trustworthy. This site however does not rely on the income from this link or from any third party. It is and always will be, entirely funded by ourselves. In this way you can be sure that the information your receive is not biased in any way.

A site like Antiscam.net can only be useful if you, the general public, give us your input and experiences. So no matter if you have been scammed yourself or you know of someone who has, or even if you have read about a scam you think we should be aware of, please use the “Submit A Scam” link in the menu and let us know all about it. You can make a difference!


Saul Hudson
Antiscam.net owner and admin.


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