135 Million Indian Government Payment Card Details Leaked

We are quite used to the odd leak of data here and there. Perhaps a government bod leaving his/her laptop on the tube or someone walking off with a usb stick full of info but all of these pale into insignificance when compared to the latest screw up by person or persons unknown within the labyrinthine corridors of the Indian Government. Today it was announced that a whopping 135 Million government payment card details have gone walkies!

The governments Aadhaar payment card project which is now in it’s eighth year was the target of this breach. The leak was not actually within the Aadhaar project itself but in agencies that used the data it collected such as Andhra Pradesh’s Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Scheme.

India’s Centre for Internet and Society (CIS) estimate that leaked 135 million Aadhaar card records are linked to around 100 million bank account numbers.

This is of course not just of concern because of the bank accounts the leak is linked to but also the massive potential for identity theft. Hackers are going to have a field day with this lot!

…and they say keeping your money under the bed is a security risk? You have to wonder.

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