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Toma Sevchenko of Mogilev Belarus – [email protected] scam

Toma Sevchenko of Mogilev, Belarus has the E-Mail address of [email protected] She is willing to write dozens and dozens of E-Mails and knows how to slowly build an E-Mail connection. Her purpose is to lure prospective husbands to her home city where she has the victim rent an apartment to stay in.

Because she presents herself in a serious light, she wants the victim to meet all of her family including those in a nearby village. To do that she takes the victim to a Bank in order to tap into their credit card to rent a vehicle. Since the Belorussian currency is highly inflated it isn’t immediately clear as to how much she is actually withdrawing. She will do what she can to run up a large credit card bill. Her boyfriend and mother are involved in the scheme. Whatever you do, stay away from her!

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