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The Manus Group – Auto Sales Training Scam

Jobs are tough but don’t get taken in by an auto sales training scam like I did.

The Manus Group, based in Fleming, Florida, took my money and that of several others, gave us three days of training we could have gotten ourselves off the internet or through a legitimate dealership, and charged us $698. Few people were offered a job and the others were stuck with a $698 bill.

When I say legitimate auto dealership, the dealerships hosting the manus group make the scam look legit. They often hold it on dealership property, as in the case of when I got taken, and the ads for employment have you come into the dealership to meet the manus group contractor. Stay away from any of these auto training scams especially if you cannot afford to waste the time or the money to risk not getting a job (the odds are against you and are better off playing Blackjack in Vegas…really!).

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