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The London Portrait Company – Stay Well Away!!

Please can someone help I won a competition with the London Portrait Company last year May. With this I could bring a fiend with me too, we went and they took us in and took good care of us, with exhalent service, they give you a make over of note and wast they do this you are given free glasses of Champaign as much as you want, till you get to the end where they make you wait to go and see the photo\’s. They then take you into this small room downstairs where they show you all these wonderful photos taken. And ask you to select the ones out that you like. They then work out a price according to the amount of photo\’s you select. Thank god we were sitting down because for sure if I was standing up I would have fallen over £480.00 per album. By this time there is still no mention of the free photo that we were told we could each have as part of winning the competition.


We then asked if they could hold the photos for a month till we get paid in order to afford them and to our surprise were told no they can\’t as the photos get deleted the next day. Then we asked for our free photo and were told that they will select the photo we cant and send it to us, this is where it now gets even better he then says if we take the album he can arrange a finance agreement with us and we then can choose our own free photo and if we put down a £100.00 deposit we can also take away with us a disc with all the photos we have chosen. As sucker we agree to it. We are then given a finance contract to sign where we are not told that it is a non cancellable contract and you are not given any time to read the contract there as he keeps making subtle hints that he has to see more people waiting in the waiting room.

After signing on the way home on the train reading threw the contract we do not only discover that we have been take for a ride and taken advantage of. We then decided to call them strait away to cancel and were informed we need to talk to the manager whom is away. We then wrote a letter addressed to the London Portrait Company stating we don\’t want the photos we are cancelling our agreement and our direct debit with the bank as you have the legal write to cancel a direct debit at any time and the law states you entitled to have a 14day cooling off period, we also wrote and sent a fax to Go Financial the finance company stating we have cancelled with the London Portrait Company and we are cancelling the finance agreement, we also stated in the letter to the London Portrait Company that they must not send the photos to us and that they can keep our £100.00 deposit as we just did not want anything further to do with them.

They then proceeded to send the photo album to us witch we then returned back to them with the disc and a letter stating very clearly that I do not want any of the photo\’s. I did this via recorded mail witch cost me £6.50. Bare in mind that while this is all going on over a course of two months we are calling the London Portrait Company on a daily basses to speak to the manager whom is never in or away. Then every thing went silent after a while, but to my utter surprise I get a email from the London Portrait Company asking what would I like them to do with my photos, what address would I like them to send it to after I clearly stated in the letter that I put in with the photos that I did not want any thing to do with them or their photo\’s. I then wrote an email back to them asking them to leave me alone as I now feel they are harassing me and I would take legal action if they do not stop contacting me. That seem to do the trick until June 2006 exactly a year later I get an email from Go Financial asking me to contact them, witch I do by phone to find that they want to know what is happening to the photos and the finance. I informed him stating clearly on the phone that I do not wish to have anything to do with the London Portrait Company or take out any finance. He then said that he will get back to the London Portrait Company to talk with them and said he will contact me again in the future, I then said fine assuming that he will send me a another email asking me to call him.

But to my surprise I get a phone call on my mobile from Go Financial, first of all I was shocked to know that they took it upon them self to do 1471 to trace my phone number as I did not give him my number as I knew that that they did not have my new phone number, then he takes it upon him self to try and get my new address out of me by threatening me. How does it go, if you do not give me your address we will then imploye an agency to track you down and that will cost us and we will then look to you for the cost? Thank God I did not give my address to him and stated that you have my phone number and email address witch I feel is surfichant for comunication. He then proceeded to tell me that all he wants to do is sort it out and come to an agreement with all parties concerned witch I agreed to, then at the same time he then states that he has spoken to the London Portrait Company and they have agreed to give the album to you at a discounted rate, I could not believe this. I then clearly stated to him that I do not wish to have any thing to do with the London Portrait Company I don\’t want the photos and the disc or the free photo witch I never got in the first place and my £100.00 deposit and please go away. Please can any one give me some advice in how to make these people go away as I now feel so harassed, upset and depressed by it all? GAP

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