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The ADT Monitored Alarms Scam

If you have ever come across this number 0871 2005 086 on your phone bill and wondered who it is it’s ADT Alarms. If you have an ADT monitored alarm system their box dials this number at regular intervals to send info back to the monitoring centre however, the monitoring centre are as much use as a hole in the head! We just found an extra £37 tacked onto our phone bill because these muppets didn’t action the calls the box was making about a depleted battery! In fact it was ME who had to call them when I found I could not set the alarm one day.

Every time the box calls out it will cost you 23p and with ours it called out every day for a month, once reaching 56 calls in a day! I am still trying to get our money back.

Also be aware you can have your box set to call a free 0800 number however your supposed to request that from ADT who of course don’t tell you about this option so how can you request it?. Instead they default the box to call the 0871 number because they make money every single time it calls out!

What ADT Alarms should have done was to put the alarm into test mode as soon as the low battery warnings came through and then phoned me to arrange an engineers visit to replace the battery. (They charge £30 for a new battery by the way).

Given our experience with ADT Alarms over the last 6 years I can honestly say they are not worth the money.

Just a quick update. I have just been told that a low battery..even though it triggers the alarm to keep calling the centre, does not go through to the service centre. So, what we have here is a situation where ADT Alarms allow your system to keep racking up your phone bill and not only that but your alarm itself is not acutally working!

So burgulars take note, your chances of a successful break in are obviously much greater if you target people with ADT alarms rather than their competitors (obviously that is said in sarcasm and not to be taken literally)

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