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Six Figure Mentors – Marketing Scam!

I feel I must report a scam that is mainly doing the rounds in the UK but also touching various other countries too.

There are a group of marketers from the UK who call themselves the six figure mentors, (sixfigurementors)they are a group of people who apparently each earn a six figure income each year and will mentor anyone to achieve the same who sign up with them.
The catch is,it is two thousand pounds to join, did I recieve any mentoring? nothing!!!
In fact I was told to make out that I was earning vast amounts of money and to re sell the business on again to some unfortunate person, of course this is pyramid sales and quit pretty sharp.

The truth is, out of the hundred or so six figure mentors only three or four of them have made money, the rest of them who claim to have brilliant training techniques have infact earned nothing.

There is a marketeer called Richard Williams who claims to offer one to one training at no extra cost, the truth is there is no training, infact he is pure lazy and makes no attempt to contact anyone once he has taken their money.

He also claims that he signs up no more than four new prospects a week because he cant keep up with training anymore, this is total rubbish, he is a scammer of the highest order and I would warn anyone to stay well clear of him and the six figure mentors.

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