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Scammer Howard Edwin Strikes Again!

Howard Edwin likes to Scam & Con widows and single ladies.  He claims he is a grieving widow and picks up your name; in my particular case, from face book.  My face book is in dedication to my deceased husband and only refers to my deceased spouse and my political comments that I post or comment on.

I lost my spouse of 27 years and this jerk acts like he only wants to be your friend as he too is going through a difficult time. I didn’t even say I was looking for anyone, either and this creep contacts me claiming he just needs to talk to someone else that is going through the death of their spouse like his is. He claims he has a son Nelson 14, that contact the women and says are you going to be my new Mommy? The sleaze finally drops the hammer that he needs money, in my case to get out of China due to the tsunami & earthquake.  I submitted this before including his current phone number and e-mail address.

Watch out for him! He uses his fictitious son Nelson to then contact the ladies and say how much he needs a new Mom and how much his Daddy wants to marry you. Oh, ladies, don’t fall for this.  He then claims he just happens to be in China when this earthquake and tsunami happened and OH Gosh, he is contacting all the women to get money to get a flight out of there.

I told him he was a SCAM ARTIST & he has finally stopped contacting me.  Do not be his next victim.  He has been reported to the FBI SO PLEASE CONTACT THEM ASAP,if he tried to befriend you. At this moment he is using a face book under his name [email protected] & his son Nelson is [email protected] Current phone # is 011 447 0111 20886. Claims he lives in San Diego, CA & updated his status just before he contacted me in February. Claims he is a chemical engineer widow that lost his wife 4-5 years ago and his son is in some boarding school back in San Diego, CA.  He didn’t fool me, as I traced his IPO #

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