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Parking fine letter and email scam

Victims have been receiving letters from scammers claiming to be the police/parking authorities informing them they have been spotted illegally parking and have to pay a fine.

This also includes victims receiving penalty notices for hired vehicles contracted in their names. In most of these cases the victim’s identity has been stolen.

It’s easy to spot these types of scam. First ask yourself how do they know what email address to send them to? Why is there no name on the supposed parking fine? Why is your car registration not shown? If in doubt ask us, contact the local authority where the alleged offence is supposed to have taken place or just get in touch with us.

Also this is VERY important. The emails will contain the image of a parking fine notice along with a link where you can check a photo of your vehicle allegedly taken at the time of the offence. DO NOT under any circumstances click on that link. It leads to a file which if downloaded will install a trojan on your computer which in turn can log what you type on your keyboard and send the details to the scammers. Always be #scamaware


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