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Olga Nosulko/Dobrovolskaya – Elenasmodels

Olga Nosulko/Dobrovolskaya
30 september 1980
Medvedjeva 9 app 170
21000 Vinnitsa
[email protected]

I dated Olga Nosulko 3 times in Vinnitsa and started to know her through Elenasmodels , but she writes in many of her profiles Kiev instead of Vinnitsa. Though she’s divorced she always writes she’s single and strange thing is that she says to live in an apartment with her brother while a marriage agency that represents her pretends she has only cousins in Poltava and absolutely no brothers or sisters.

She waits till 3 meetings before starting to act. I first visited her in November 2009. Since februari  2010 we started calling each other every day. The last (and third) time that I went to Vinnitsa in may 2010, though she was not ready for intimacy or even a kiss yet, she decided to come to visit me in Belgium for summer holiday. She asked me to pay her 300€ for her passport what I did when I was there. When her passport finally arrived 3 weeks later (I was back in Belgium then) she had spent the money already and asked me to send it again (see included letter). I sent her one more time 300€ (Western Union included as proof). After that she needed 900€ for her visa, I sent this again (Western Union included as proof) because I really believed she was going to come to Belgium. She was supposed to come to Belgium the first 2 weeks of august 2010: Now she’s telling me she has her passport and the visa but she cannot leave Ukraine because she has to go to another city for her work and doesn’t know how long that will take, but she will not be able to come the first 2 weeks of august and then the visa will be expired. This holiday was already planned since may, so this is really nonsense!

She has no visa nor any international passport at all: She only asked to send money for it! Besides that, an international passport only costs 89€ instead of 300€ if you wait 3 weeks for it like she did (And she asked to pay it twice!). 900€ isn’t an official price from embassies neither to make a visa:  35€ is the official rate at the Belgian embassy!Olga Nosulko

There were already other signs of things going wrong before this when dating her the last time in Vinnitsa: She arranged my apartment and taxi when I came to visit her, and a part of the money I sent her to pay for it she already spent as well for private use. Besides that,she charged me 50€/day for an apartment (during 10 days) that I could have booked directly from internet at 35€. Same thing for the taxi: She charged me 280€ while I could book it from internet for 210€: If I can find it so cheap, so could she as additional fees are charged for internet bookings!

My conclusion is simple: This woman has no serious intentions! In the meantime they also closed her profile on Elenasmodels because they got too many complaints about her (but she is active on many other websites as well), here is their official answer:

“We had been getting many complaints about this profile from our members. It appears the lady is not completely honest in her personal dealings with men interested in her.”

I believe she is a scammer/gold digger and I sent her 1500€ so far.

—–Oorspronkelijk bericht—–
Van: Ольга [mailto:[email protected]]
Verzonden: dinsdag 8 juni 2010 9:23
Aan: Peter
Onderwerp: Re:

but normally men in ukraine understand that for girl need help
so its depends on you…
I was not going to spend that money which u gave me..but i had trip to
other city…then the most i spent for my hair becsuse she said me i need
do it 3 times per i did not suspect so much money for hair…but
ir=t was necessery

Olga NosulkoOlga Nosulko

Olga NosulkoOlga Nosulko

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