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The first thing to note is that DO NOT verify email addresses. Anyone can sign up using your personal email address and then proceed to build a profile that “appears” to be you.

Next thing is they try to blackmail you into paying a membership fee (sign up is free) and if you don’t they say they will release your personal information onto the web. I’m pretty sure that is illegal and I think they know it as you will see from just some of the complaints listed below.

Bottom line is are a money making scam outfit and your best bet is to stay as far away from them as possible.

A very small selection of complaints about :

I was spammed by 6 emails from this company. When I went to do research on them to see if they were legitimate, their website said they were A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau. I checked and they have NO rating at all for them. Lies, all Lies!…

Suppose to be signed up for FREE & DAY TRIAL, you can cancel any time. Had it for about 4 hours tried to cancel, had to call to cancel . They tried to say I signed up for 24 months at 94 dollars. Who would do that. insisted on full refund tried to tell me the best they could do was partial refund. When I explained I was calling the Attorney Generals Office they could suddenly give me a full refund. Will check in 3 days to be sure they did….

These extortionists threaten me several times a day via email. They write to say that unless I agree to pay for a membership with them, they are going to be releasing my private information to the public. I have repeatedly contacted them through their “unsubscribe” button which does absolutely nothing. Today I called them and threatened a lawsuit and a restraining order if they do not cease and desist all further contact with me. My next call is to the California Attorney General’s office to file a formal complaint. I fully intend to sue if they ever contact me again….

I was recently charged for my subscription to When I went online to cancel the subscription, I found that and had merged. I was not able to find a means to unsubscribe on the site so I called the Customer Service number provided. After repeating my email address 4 times to the Customer Service Rep (CSR), I was informed that the only way to unsubscribe was to provide credit card information over the phone. When I asked why I could not unsubscribe on my own computer, in my own account, I was not given a reason.

I called this company to remove my online information and to remove all photos they obtained from other sources. When I tried to remove myself online, this company tried to force me to give them my credit card number and pay to remove my information. They then asked if I had a Facebook account and wanted me to “Like” them and they would then remove my profile for free. I was told I would need to pay upwards of $20.99 a month to control my “Free” profile if I did not want them to “Expose” my information. How can I force them to remove unauthorized information and images. Please help me….

I want to have my photo and incorrect information removed from site. I don’t know how they have the right to use your photo’s (a very old and private photo) without permission. When I ask them to remove it they say you have to sign up and give my information to become a member in order to “manage my account” How do they have the right to force you to sign up for something that you want nothing to do with and shouldn’t have to be bothered with. They collect any information they can find without confirming the validity of it. It’s no wonder that people have their identity stolen

This company charged my credit card after a supposedly free trial and signed me up for monthly fees for discount shopping that I didn’t even know about, then they made it impossible to get refunded when I called. So now they are being sued and I am going to call the law firm that is trying to get the money refunded.

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Webb, Klase & Lemond LLC
+1 (770) 444-9325

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Vertrue, MasterCard,, Oak Investment, and Others Regarding Allegedly Fraudulent “Membership” Fees for Bogus “Savings Clubs”

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