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My experiences with Sergey Arkadievich Smirnov

I’ve been following the experiences of many of you who have posted about your experiences with Russian gay dating scams, and I thought it was about time I posted mine.
Back in early Sept 2007, on, like so many of you, I received e-mails from 4 maybe 5 different young guys, most all of them Russian + 1 young Chinese (but I consider him ‘legit’ since he actually had a profile on

Anyway, I didn’t log into G.c until late Sept so didn’t write back to any one of these guys. They included Devid, Gera, Petr (Petros), Alex, and the latest Damir. The one guy I did start an e-mail conversation with wrote in early December 2007 and was unique enough from the rest that I wrote back. As it turns out his name is Sergey Arkadievich Smirnov (his full name I didnt learn until early Jan 2008 when he sent me a pic of a visa application.

His e-mail address that I’ve been writing to is [email protected] com. Early on, when he said his home city was Yoshkar-Ola, Russia, I googled to find out where that was and came up on a tourist website for that city with an added article about dating scams centered in Yoshkar-Ola.

This then put me on my guard, as well as the fact that what he wrote to me had the basic scam outline but missing a lot of the detail that I’ve been reading others of you have gotten. I’ve since dubbed this my “S-capade” S for Sergey.

He says he grew up an orphan of Armenian descent, lives alone, has no phone etcetc. He also hasn’t answered many of my specific questions about himself. Mostly he writes to me ‘love and devotion’ etc. That in itself I find suspicious.

Now our communiques have gotten to the ‘please send me money so I can finish paying for the visa so we can be together~forever’ phase. The big difference here is that he has never asked me for my full name or address or given me his address where I should forward any $$$ should I be so gullible…Curious…And since, I think Chippper has also had contact with this guy, it makes me believe that the [email protected] is no coincedence but the same as ‘my’ Talisman128…And I have not sent any money and will not no matter how pathetically desperate he sounds…sigh~i.e. ‘how fairy tales turnĀ  into nightmares’~

I would find it interesting if anyone else has had contact with and or similar experiences with this guy that I might lay at his feet so to speak…
Any input would be muchly appreciated…

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