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Mr. Cheng, Woo Cole & Associates Dead Bank Customer Scam

Last Monday I received an e-mail from Mr. Vincent Cheng with the subject “Work With Me” as I read the email, I was wondering how he could pull it off. I was offered a hefty 40% of Twenty Two Million Dollars just to play
a part of a dead middle eastern man’s next of kin, without lifting a finger. It sounded like I won the lottery. He even sent me links to his online portfolio at HSBC and a number of his office which I could call but
he said that I was to hang up before he answers because it is not safe for our transaction. He also sent me the link showing the middle eastern man’s death

His attorney was Woo Cole, and I was sent a CONFIDENTIAL letter regarding our business deal. The header was WOO COLE & ASSOCIATES. I am not a risk taker and I am no law graduate but I was sure enough that if we’d get caught that i’d be breaking international bank laws and more. I’ll be in jail for a very very long time. So I wanted reassurance from Mr. Cheng and he was friendly enough to respond to my need for assurance, plus his mail was entitled ASSURANCE. He said he was happy about my question and that we
would be doing all of this legally. -WHAT THE HELL? and that there are no risks involved.

So I asked myself, if there were no risk involved WHY:
*did he have to pick a random stranger to be the beneficiary?
*why didn’t he use someone he knew or someone closer to him?
*Why would he give millions of dollars away if there was nothing at stake?
*and all this money and all I have to do is sign and scan? the bank won’t
mind at all?
*they won’t question anything? like we lived in different countries and we
have different nationalities?


So I sent him a signed contract. Then I decided to look around to know who exactly i’m dealing with. Since Mr. Vincent Cheng is well known, it wouldn’t be wise to look him up now would it? So I looked up WOO COLE &
ASSOCIATES, surprisingly, there are a lot of Woo’s and Cole’s in the Scamming business and I found exactly what I was looking for. An earlier victim posted her experience about Mr.Vincent Cheng and Mr. Woo Cole.

I’ve received an email from Mr. Cheng with a lot of attachments, I was to open a bank account somewhere in Europe and Scan one valid ID and send it to him yada yada yada. So I emailed him back:

Dear Mr. Cheng,

I have listened to your advice that I must know who I’m dealing with and
so far, here’s what showed up when I googled you.

Infairness to Mr. Cheng, he used words like “Dear Partner” or ended his
emails with “Your Brother” that I think seemed comforting or reassuring
words to him.

So kudos to you Fake Mr. Cheng, Woo Cole & Associates.

Your Brother

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