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Julia Hryhoryk

Julia Hryhoryk also known as julia grygoryk email
[email protected]
. I was engaged to her and
was always asking for money and always had
excuse why papers did not get to lawyer then just
quit writing and answering phone (380-951-174-979)

We have been engaged since December 2007,
but she first had six months of school left.
this ended up being 18 months.

This is part of her first letter to me :
So let me introduce myself. I was born on the
17th of September 1986, here in Western Ukraine.
I like my native city Chernivtsi very much.
The population of my region consists of 900
thousand of people. My height is 5’7’’.My weight is 118 lb. My another dimensions
are 36-24-36. I always have long dirty blond here and light green eyes.
this is when she went to lawyer in January 2009
Hello, my darling beloved sweetheart Tim!!!Yours future wife Julia is here. My honey, I am very worried,
because I see no letters from you since the 10th of January, but I will be patient, as I always was and
I hope to hear the answer from you on this letter of mine very soon, my sweetie!My darling beloved Tim,
my dear bridegroom and future husband… I miss you so much…

During last 2 weeks so many horrible and unexpectable things happened to me, that with every next day
I am more and more afraid to stay here, in this horrible country!When we were talking over the phone
something interrupted us, as usual, you promised to call me back, but I didn’t hear any call after.I hope,
that everything is going well with you and that your health is OK.Ofcourse, I can imagine how you feel,
when we can’t communicate regulary.Believe me, - I feel not better…I am extremely sad and feel very
lonely without you by my side.I miss you so much, my honey Tim!!!You even can’t imagine how much!!!
I want you…I want to kiss you and to hug you, I want to observe you every day and to be with you every
minute…I think about you every day and every night, only you are in my head and in my dreams,and
because of I do not have possibility to see you right now and to be with you

So, now I want to explain you better, what happened to me and why I got to the hospital.I had problem
with my stomach, with my apendyx.Now I don’t have it anymore.Also, in the same day I got to the hospital,
somebody has stolen my cell-phone, when I was sleeping after the doctors have given me very strong
medicine.My Granny renewed my number and I had my number back in 8 days.She gave me her
cell-phone to use for some time, until I will not have mine, but, as you could see, when we talked-her
phone works not better than mine and it is much older.Thanks God, now I am at home.But I owe a
fortune to my Granny again.She paid 400$ to doctors for operation and everything else, for all the
treatment and my staying there for almost 2 weeks.I have to give this money back to her as soon,
as possible,because she also has problems with health, especially with teeth.she was going to put
an implantant this month, but as she has given this money for me,she has to wait now.My Granny is
very kind and noble woman and I don’t want her to think, that I use her kindness.I must give the
money back to her and also I must live for something and to pay for my apartment the next month
on the 1st.But, my darling Tim, I understand everything and I understand your situation too, I know,
that you have a lot of problems and that you do your best to help me, to keep leading normal life of
your children and of yourself.I always appreciate everything you do for me, I have always spent the
money you sent to me very wisely.If you would be able to help me I will be very grateful to you,
my sweetheart.Please, try to find some way, because I really have no variants and I wouldn’t be
able to borrow money from my Granny.

You know, I had very good mood this morning.Today, when I woke up, the beautiful sunlight was
smiling to me from the window, it seemed to me so tender and warm, that I immediately imagined
your hugs! Then I was peering for maybe half of an hour on this marvelous sun and dreaming about
having you near me today’s beautiful morning...But, about 30 minutes passed and the sun covered
with huge dark black clouds.My mood changed immediately, I stood up from my bed and came up
to the window.And in that moment I realized, that on the other side of the window it is cold and cruel
winter, the snow was laying on the roads like yesterday, like a week ago, everything seemed so dull
to me and so unpleasant!!! And I understood, that the only thing, what keeps me breathing now for
more, than a year already,-is that you have came into my life, and all this time I am living with future
only, with expectations and dreams of our happy family life, drawing bright and exclusive pictures of
our marriage and further life together…Oh, my darling Tim, this morning I realized, that I don’t want
to live without you and that it will kill me in reality, if we will not be together.I understand, I told you
before this already, that I am very much afraid to loose you.I know, that you also love me very strongly,
but I want you to understand, that I will have doubts in this anyway, because I need to hear words of
love from you every day.Of course, you are older and wiser, you have more life experience and because
of all this reasons you can stand this better, than me. As for me, you are the first love in my life and
the last love of my life!!!Do you understand this, my sweetie?!

Ofcourse, I realize , that there are many reasons, why I can’t hear words of love and hear you telling
me about your feelings every day now, but I want to be sure, that when we will be together every day,
after I come to your home, which will become mine also, that I will feel and hear this every day. From
my side,-you can be sure, without any doubts, that you will have all my attention, love, care and tenderness.
I will make you the happiest man in the whole world and we will be flying in the sky together on the
enormous wings of our feelings, of our happiness, devotion and sincere love.

I know, that we are meant to be together and only TOGETHER we will be happy! Do you agree with me?
Darling, I want to tell you again, that I understand 100% well all your doubts, your thoughts and feelings.
I feel you, even on this big distance, which is between us at the moment, very very very well!!!This distance
is our biggest and, in fact, the only enemy…And sometimes, it seems to me, that everything is against us,
because always something happens with me, I mean my visits to the hospitals, my problems with health…etc.
But we are stronger, than all this circumstances, we have to fight for our happiness.You know, that now in
my country is big economical crisis, now here are the worst times ever.The most part of our society can live
and stand against the terrible economical situation only due to backgrounds. Those, who didn't pay attention
to bringing up the qualities from Commandments now, are losers. Lack of faith and self-confidence pushed
them to inactivity and then to impoverishment. It caused different crimes- stealing, swindle and violence.
You can see the fresh example-somebody has stolen my phone and I think, that this person was or very
cruel, or, more possible, very hungry and poor, because he (or she) even didn’t pay attention to the horrible
state I was in, didn’t think, that, maybe, I will need to call somebody etc. Thanks God, that I didn’t have
money with me, because if I had them-they would be stolen also.

Only that society, where majority of people has high moral principles can be strong. Unfortunately, there
are still many people in both your and my country, who need an increasing of their moral principles.
For more, than 1 year already all my deeds are based on the total sincerity and honesty. I strongly believe,
that from your side it is the same, because I trust you, my beloved future husband Tim!!! Please, believe
me too, without any hesitation, I'll behave myself in accordance to my high morals in any situation in the
future also. You are my bridegroom now and I am your fiancée, until we will not get married and become
husband and wife in reality. But, to tell you the truth, I already feel myself, like your wife, my darling
Tim.You know, that I was never married before, but I had many possibilities to get married since I was
16 years old. You heard already, that here, in my country, it is normal to get married in very young age.
For me, it really means a lot, that I have told you, when you were here, that I accept your offer to get
engaged and it was told directly from my heart. Our agreement meant a great change in my life, since
that moment, when you asked me to become your wife-I trusted my life, my feelings, my soul, heart,
body, everything... my whole being to your hands...

I saw the beauty of your soul since the first letter you sent to me and since my eyes saw you here, in
Chernivtsy- I got sure in this for 100% . I put all my heart and soul in our correspondence and
communication. I put my best thoughts and hopes there. I want you to remember that I've come
to your life as the dawn of the happiness! I'd like to become your inspiration, your dream, which has
come true, your delight for your sad moments, your most close and faithful friend who is ready to
sacrifice the life in the sake of you! I want to express the entire essence of my nature in these words,
to express my deep faithfulness. I've said it at the first time in my life and you're one who hears them.
I am very happy, that I have found such man, as you are, whom I can love for beautiful inner world
and who sees in me not only my appearance and youth, but my inner world too and loves it. This is
one of the most important reasons, why I think, that our marriage will be eternal.
Do you share my thoughts?
Now I send you my hottest kisses and gentle hugs....
With love, yours future wife Julia
P.S.Darling Tim, my mother has given me money already and I am going to Kiev tomorrow evening

As for the paper work she said the mail system was bad there and mailed them 3 times over
8 months. if you have any more question ask me i have 100's of letters and copy's of all
western union money transfers
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