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JohnĀ  BRUCE Hall-email [email protected]
PHONE NUMBER 01-011234-704-204-8618 AFRICA

John was on facebook and approached me with a nice message introducing himself. We chatted for several months and he told me the old story im falling in love with you and called me his wife when we spoke. He even had his mother ? call me from England where he states she lives with his daughter Kim. His mother’s name is Rose Morgan and her email is is [email protected] He explained he was a contractor who was about to leave Africa when a terrible accident happened and a man was killed and he had to pay $100,000 to the family in compensation. He asked for money. Did not give him.

He then supposedly resolved that problem and continued to make advances to come and see me and even presented a KLM airlines ticketĀ  in an email with information regarding the flight that he would be coming to visit. My cell phone rang as he was supposedly on the plane to visit me. The man on the cell stated John was arrested, taken off the plane for taking too much money out of the country and they needed a bank routing number and checking account number so they could send the money to the USA and they would let him board the next plane. This person stated he was from the FCC. They also stated they needed $1225.00 for transfer fee to sent the money. Of course never sent the money.

John then called and stated he was going to jail and would be there for years because he could not get the transfer and they would find him guilty of transferring illegal money out of the country. Didnt hear from him for a week. Upon calling his cell number found he was alive and well and was NOT IN JAIL. Another SCAM!

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