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Jeff Mcconnel has been busy

Jeff Mcconnel contacted me and wrote so many weird things including that he was a sergeant in Afghanistan.  He constantly tries to chat, and has actually 3 different or more identities. He is registered at Catholic Mingles and will be kicked of there very soon.  He claims he is a widow, gives his e-mail out, and his face book, which says he is a divorced man and then he gives tons of inconsistent information.

He did not come after me for money yet; but he gets very smooth and wants to become your spouse. He constantly contacts me and I finally told him that I was going to post if he didn’t stop. He goes after another woman he befriended and accuses her of breaking us up.  I am in contact with this woman and she tells me she heard from him a good year ago, saying he adopted a boy in Africa and asks her for money.  He is obviously trying to find some woman and will eventually ask for money.

He talks about being a sergeant in the military, but one can very easily tell that he is not even American by the way he writes. IE. i am single man of City New York, with son of city of New York, etc. then he sends perfect English poetry of love letters so to speak.  Just stay away from this guy.  He has a nice looking picture, but it is obviously someone else’s.


His wording is very limited and you will notice how he even spells his last name without Capitalizing the second C, and he drops an l, so that people can’t find him still operating out there. Should be McConnell, which is common is the US.  When questioned; he denies that anyone in the US does this with their name.  He talks strange and doesn’t understand when questioned, so you can usually spot him if you have better than average intelligence; but he had 8 other women as face book friends when he contacted me from all over the world.

When I told him to bug off, he goes after one of the other gals that he has befriended and accuses her of breaking us up. It is interesting as he tells me he is a widow; told her he adopted a boy in Africa and needed money and now he finally removed his facebook; but his e-mail address is still active as [email protected]

His first message to me started as this:   I am Jeff by name ,I am single man looking for the right woman i am currently new on this online dating scheme and i don’t know how long i will be on forum. If you wish to correspond with me , you can reach me on my private E-mail at>>>>  [email protected]  by chatting or by e-mailing we will get to know each other well. Hoping to hear from you soon . Where he writes online dating scheme, it is actually an active URL in his message and it will take you to a speed dating site which looks like well you know not very legal, etc.  Stay clear of this guy.

I did not misspell online dating scheme, the on and line should be separated and by putting these together which he does in his notes; you will be directed over to this sleazy website. Also you can’t help but wonder, why on a Catholic site he is contacting women and referring to what he is doing as an on line dating scheme.  Just the word scheme told me, stay away. All I can say is that he befriended 9 different women all over the world and I do know from one of the women he asked her for money!

I got rid of him very quickly and accomplished him closing down his face book site; however this e-mail is still active, so stay away from any contact from this man.

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