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Irina Tsaregorodtseva – Natalia Usova

Irina Tsaregorodtseva / Natalia Usova

Fake address used by scammer :


I met Irina through All went well until I said I would come to Moscow so we could meet. She instead wanted to visit me in the USA. This seemed strange to me, so I called the US Consulate to see if she indeed got a visa to visit the USA as she said. They told me no one by that name ever applied for one. I then to possitively make sure, hired the services of a background check agency to check the address. This too was false and from their findings there was no one listed in Moscow phone directories by that name either

Thanks to this information I was spared $1500 and much heart ache. The pictures she used are of either a Marina Denisova or Julia Drodz from Ukraine. I beleive the person behind the scam to be Natalia Usova who has the name Irina Tsaregorodtseva listed as one of her aliases. Guys, DO NOT SEND MONEY!!!!! until you have visited the woman in her own country!!!!.

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