Scam Reports and possible scam!

This agency is currently listed on the “Gold List” page under “Honorable Mentions, Russian” on the “” web site, and by my standards, should actually be listed under something titled more like “Dishonorable Mentions”.

The agency is “MissUA” at “” or “”.

My issue with them is that I wanted to sign-up for their “Letter Forwarding” service, which is $3 per letter. I wanted to place $25.00 US into my “account” with them, but from their site only PayPal (and defunct eGold) is offered as a payment method. So I went to their office to pay them in person. There I was told in order to actually DATE any of the girls I write to, I have to pay $65.00 PER GIRL!!! I went back to my apartment and double checked on their site… there is NO mention of this whatsoever.

The girl I talked to first said I could come back (this week) and talk to the manager if I wanted to. I went in again, but the manager was still not there. I talked to a different office worker and she told me the same thing. I offered to pay $30.00 per date, at which she scoffed at and said there was no mention on the site of a $30.00 option. I then reminded her neither is there a mention of one for $65.00, and she was just indignant.

On top of that, they would not allow me to pay for the “Letter Forwarding” at either of my two visits to them. Obviously, if a guy is already here, he could just write and meet them, then how would they get their $65.00?

So it looks like they soak the guys for as many “services” as they can get them to purchase, then once they get here, or at some other point once they are “hooked”, tell them now they have to pay $65.00 (or perhaps more if you count their “Romantic Excursions”, etc).

When I asked why this $65.00 fee wasn’t listed on their web site page they have titled “FULL Price List”, and I was actually told “they haven’t been able to update the site, it’s been that way for 3 years”! Funny, I am assuming they are able to update with new girls… or are they? Probably so. So they are purposely keeping this $65.00 fee hidden. She then said (that at some point) guys were told about this in an email message. Well I had signed up with them on their site prior to visiting them in their office the first time and I STILL haven’t received any email telling me about this $65.00 “date” fee.

Note From The Editor : We checked the web site going back three years and their claim that they were not able to update it in this time is a lie. The site has been updated a number of times over that period. It’s quite clear this $65 charge is deliberately kept secret and only mentioned at the very last moment.

It seems to us that this agency is a lot more interested in your cash than in finding you a genuine partner. We also found girls on the site who have been there for years and yes, their details have also been updated from time to time. Our advice would be to stay well clear of this agency and any that operate in the same way.

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