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Howard Edwin – Scammer

Howard Edwin poses as a Chemcial Engineer working for Kcadeutag, in Scotland, UK.

He sends lovely emails, contacts by phone and has his son email you directly. Name of suppose son Nelson, lives in Middleton Ohio. Has friend Monique Bennett, she cashes checks for him, she is from Mass. He tells you sad story about wife dying, son lives with guardian and he is stuck out in Scotland where he cant get money to pay for his friend to watch his house, pet and garden. He asks at first for $800.00 then he works his way down till he thinks he gets something from you.

Be very careful, he is on Facebook, states he lives in San Diego, Calif. I looking into further action against him as it seems he goes for older woman and puts on a great show of pictures and love letters the works.

Ladies be real careful, he is smooth and knows how to handle what to say to woman.


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