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Henry Edward – Scammer – [email protected]

Henry Edward reached me by my FB account. He told me he was looking forward to get in a serious relationship. He sold himself out as a straight forward person, religious, catholic, widower, father of a ten yrs old boy, living in NY, in a house that had “everything i needed”.

We started to chat and in a certain moment he told me he had to move to Lagos, Nigeria for a “contract worthy a huge amount of money”. Every time we talked he was very careful to ask me abt my kids. His english isn’t very good but his approach is very sensitive and psychological.

When he was about to start his new job, he claimed to be in a difficult position with contractors and the community and he came around for a while till he could come up with a money request of 3500 US dollars. I didn’t answer back and after a while he comes up with another invention. His 10 yrs old boy was diagnosed with leukemia and he couldn’t move back home because of his troubles at work. I felt really confused, being a mother that was quite a stroke for me, and asked him to sent me his details to get sure that he was not cheating on me. He answers back that he would need me to pay even for that. And this is the end of the story…

Here are his data:

[email protected]



By the way, just found out, the guy has removed his photo from his FB account, if it ever belongs to him!

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