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Filipinos in Malaysia Warned Against Financial Scam

Malaysian swindlers target female OFWs to remit their money in exchange for goods, job offers, and marriage proposals.

The Department of Foreign Affairs alerted Filipinos in Malaysia to be vigilant about a “well-laid financial scam” after many OFWs complained that they had been victimized.

The alleged swindlers target female OFWs with well-paying jobs from reputable companies. They pretend to be “Internet friends” by befriending them, them come up with various schemes by:

– Telling them that there’s a valuable package or a bundle of foreign currency notes under their name, and must be claimed immediately;

– Informing them of a very lucrative job offer, in which their experiences are very qualified for a position needed by the company; and

– Pretending to be in jail and that he needed his Filipino “friend” to bail him out of trouble.

The innocent Filipino victims have to remit money in exchange for the receipt of goods, job contracts, and even marriage proposals.

The Philippine Embassy urged its citizens in Malaysia to immediately seek help and to contact them before giving in to these bogus offers.

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