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Eunice Acquah – Ghana

This one is a typical scammer, fall in love after 3 emails, very sad story as usual, lost her father and live with her mother in ghana, very poor, (she) is very good with words and almost got me, but her answers start to not make sense after i told her that i think she is a scammer, send one email and stopped.

Age : 30
Email : [email protected]

Tel : 233207951116

Location : Accra, Ghana.

Found On Site : Oasis Active

 Letter 1

How are you doing now? Having a great morning? everything good at home? I hope everything is just fine with you. It was great talking to you yesterday and i must say i am really excited about you. I never knew online dating will be this simple, i was just on for less than 2 days on the site and have met a nice person like you. The feeling is good and i hope the friendship between us develops into something fruitful and wonderful…Arty am very happy for the mail you sent me.. i really had a very nice smile on my face when i checked my mail and had a very nice mail from you.. i really enjoyed reading it.. i read it over and over again..Arty i really will love to know more about you and see if we both have a future together…

I just want you to know that i really enjoyed our conversation and have been thinking if all men on the site are like you because you are the only man i have chatted with ever since i registed there…so i decided to reply to your mail and let you know how i feel and tell you a bit more about me. From my profile, you would have found out already that i am a very romantic person and love to spend all my time with my partner, my friends say i am a helpless romantic..i enjoy doing everything with my partner, romantic candlelit dinners, gazing at the stars at night, listening to love songs together, dancing in the rain, cuddling on the couch by the fire side and more…i have a very big heart ready to love if only i meet the right man to share that love with…who knows, it may be you…well..time will tell…i just want you to be serious with me because i am not here for games or jokes…i am seriously seeking my soul mate and believe we have alot in common…it will be nice to know if the chemistry is just right between us to start and develop an intimate and passionate relationship.

Arty i will like to tell you a little about what am looking for in my soul mate…I am attracted to kindness, intelligence, a quick wit, a good kisser, passionate. A good career is important, but so is enjoying the benefits of working hard. In addition to a balanced life, I also value good communication, emotional availability, integrity and HONESTY! Someone who can admit when he’s wrong. Someone who means what he says. I am also not looking for someone to have games with or play with as well but someone i will love for who he is and also what he has in his heart for me, I want that special man to be the final man in my life till the end of time because i hate the bad experience and tremor of relationship breaks and divorces. I will give him all my heart and soul and i expect the same from him. I would love to be by his side always and he by my side always.Our relationship should be built on genuine true love, honesty and trust. If you are really interested in pure honesty and true love, then Arty you are the man for me, and i will love to take my time with you and get to know more about you…

Arty, i would love to know more about you so tell me more about you.. what makes you happy, your deepest dreams, fears and thoughts. What do you want your relationship to be like? A fun loving one where we are equals? Or one where you are the dominant person and expect your woman to obey your every command. What do you think about a woman who works to support the family? Are you a workaholic? What do you think about children? What are your thoughts on spending time with one’s family?

I hope you will answer these questions for now so that i will get to know you better, i will end here and wait for your reply with much eagerness and joy, HAVE A NICE DAY AND TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOURSELF, i have attached some photos of me and hope to see some of yours too.


Letter 2

Hello My Dearest Artin,

How are you doing?? I hope and believe you are having a great day and that the weather is just fine where you are..Well Artin am very very happy to hear from you..Am always happy when i open my mail and see some letter from you. Artin i just write to let you know that all I wanted from the start was to be with you. God knows how much you mean to me, not only as a friend, but with deeper, greater feelings as well.

As you know me by now, this is a way for me to pour my heart out to you, to let you know it’s crying and dying because you really hurt my soul u really played with my sending me this shot note.. Artin i just don’t know but i really love you soo much and will do everything just to let you know how much i love and need you in my life.. Artin am very happy you send me this mail telling me this..But Artin i want you to know that i don’t need anything from you..there is nothing you can give to me that will make me happy..nothing but your love.

Artin you brought back the light into my life when all I could see was darkness, you brought back the smile to my face when all I could do was frown, but most important, you brought back the love and trust that I had lost for people and you brought it back twice as much for me to give to you than I had previously given before. We shared plenty of moments where we opened up to each other and shared our secrets, our feelings of happiness, sadness, sometimes anger and intimacy. And, we promised each other that no matter what, we would be together because fate had brought us to do so. and that we will never hurt each other..Artin i knew you will take care of my heart when i give it and everything inside to you.. ARTIN WHY??

How can this be? Why now? Why now when my heart fully belonged to you? Why now when I was ready to be with you? Why now when I have fallen soooo much in love with you???Artin i just to let you know that money can not buy my love.never can it buy my heart. .Artin if its money that i want i can sell my body here for it..i can sleep around to make the type of money i want..but that is not what am looking for..its true love and happiness am here to look for and i have found that in you…Artin i just want you to know that i don’t care what or how you look like..i don’t care about the car you drive in or the cloths you wear..i don’t care about the people you talk to or the people you know..all i care about is what you have inside of you to shear with me..and i don’t care if i will have you live in a cave with you for you to know how much i love and care about you..

Artin i now find my fate has turned out so cruel; my fate is twisted, always getting my hopes up just to bring them back down again, but each time the pain comes back it’s stronger and longer…I want you to know that i dont need anything from you.. all i want from you is your love.. if its money that i want i can use my body to get what i want.. i can sleep around here with men to get money if that is what i really want in life… i want you to know that i dont need anything from you.. and i dont think i can also aford to fly to you.. so if you think you can also not come to me here and if you think i will ever ask you to send me money then you are getting it all wrong.. i dont need your money..Artin i just dont know why you should send me such a mail.. what do you take me for… that means you dont trust me all this while..

Artin why do you have to say something like this to me, when you knew I would have done anything for you, when you knew that all my dreams, wishes and hopes surrounded you, when you knew that not having you in my life would instantly kill my heart? I’m all shattered and everything I see is blue. But I know I can’t change your mind and more importantly, I can’t change what you feel in your heart, so all I can ask you is, why? Artin i cant force you to do what you don’t want to do but.. all i will say is that listen to you heart and not your mind..

Artin even if you don’t love me please don’t call me a scammer.. i want you to know that am also aware of the internet dating stuffs and am more cautions about any step i take or decision i want to make,i know what or who is best and will be real,its my first time though but i have learn it from others the kind of experience they have gone through. Its a risk am also taking now but i am because there is a saying that WHEN SOMETHING IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE… then its defiantly true..

Artin am glad to say that you are the man who has made me smile in my heart as many men has caught my eyes even though we dont know each other much.. i think you are the one for me…

Missing you every single moment,


I will end here Artin and wait to hear from you…you can reply to me if you want..take care and have a nice day..ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH..


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