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Ekatarina Soboleva

Ekatarina Soboleva

Initiated contact inviting me to contact her.  On her site no picture. I replied would not communicate with persons not having picture.

She replied on site 123.  Correspondence started pretty easy going. Pen Pal-ish.  No immediate demands.

Talked about life in Russia and her family,Father Mother and herself.

Asked to verify her address as I wanted to send her a gift.  Sent above address.

Started getting expressive about affection. Asked me for my address.

I sent it.  No problems.  Said she had saved enough money and we should meet.

She Went to Travel agency and asked for “Quote” for air travel to Argentina.

Needed a Visa which cost U$120 but because coming to Argentina was so difficult to obtain visas (??)she needed to pay agency additional U$70.

Russians do not need visas for Argentina.   Set the spark for me to not believe her or her story.

Tried to convince her to visit me in USA in early 2009.  She did not even mention my suggestion (appeared not to have even been read)and insisted in coming to Argentina where I am working.  A number of mails were sent for her to invite her to travel to USA but were ignored.  She wanted to travel immediately to Argentina<br><br>

I started asking questions about her work.  She never replied any of my questions, only admitting that she was a nurse, no more, and only talked about sex and how she loved me.  I avoided making any statements about sex or any declaration of that sort, stating I would like to meet her and we will see how “chemistry worked” once we had met.

I started asking more questions.  Never replied to any one of the questions but insisted I send her via Western Union the balance of her air ticket which was U$ 700 so she could come to my “arms”

I asked her to send me a copy of her passport.   Never sent.  Asked for a photograph in front of her pc showing me on screen behind her.

Never replied to or sent.  sent on more than one occasion

No further contact when I insisted that this was a scam and that she was up to no good.

No mails received from her after that

no money has been sent due to being cautious.

Mails, pictures and texts sent to authorities, singles123, and other anti scam sites<br><br>

Scammer details:
Surname:                        Soboleva
Name:                            Ekaterina
City:                               Nizhny Novgorod
Country:                         Russia
Postal address:                ILINSKAYA ,number of house – 47  – Nizhegorodskaya area
Phone number:               Refused to give phone number  
eMail : [email protected]

Agency details:
Which agency/website you contacted her through:  Singles 123
Is this agency a member of Anti-Scam Program:  No
Did you report the scam to the agency: Yes, copied this report
What was the agency response: No Reply to date

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