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David Gate – Scammer- [email protected]

I  meet a guy on line from holland named david gate and i  been talking to him for over a year and i finally found out he is a scammmer scamming single ladies out of their funds and he got me bad. I dont know if he is who he says he is or looks like the pictures he sent but i hope to find a way something can be done.

We meet on a site called tagged and he approach me first and here is his e.mail  [email protected] and he is from holland but at the time we first meet he was in london united kingdom.

In total the amount i lost from the time we first meet would be around $17000 and it was always sent through western union or money gram and i got all the receipts to prove. He always called me but it was always a different number and when i try to call him it would say the number isnt available.

He was suppose to move to canada with me and buy a house but never did and then he tried to get me on a plane ticket he brought for me and the 2 kids he paid for it but the agent needed $900 but i never did. 

This guy broke my heart and made me broke and i hope something can be done. He was involved with a man from ghana west africa and thats who i sent the money to. His name is george william nash and all money was sent to him but david is the main one but i do have george address if you like but i want to find out who i been talking to the past year please if there is anyway you could help would be great.

(Note From Editor) We checked the email header information from some of the emails and it appears this “David” character was actually in Accra, Ghana. We think he was always there and the real scammer is George William Nash and that he is also the one posing as David Gate. Please contact us if you have been in touch with this person.

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