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Christopher Donald Tay – Romance Scammer, Ghana

Just had an update from Isabelle about this. Please see the end of the article for more information.

I’m Isabelle from Malta and I have been scammed by a man named
Christopher Donald Tay. He has 5 different cell phone numbers.
His email is [email protected] He is telling that he is from the usa
but all of a sudden he’s telling that he is from Ghana.
Please take care because he is taking all women’s money by western union.

This man is 38 yrs old and from the usa on a tagged profile and my space. He is very dangerous
because he’s doing a lot of stories and is a romance scammer .

We just received some more info about this scammer :

my name is Sandy, im 34 n live in New Zealand, i have been chatting with Christopher
Donald Tay also known as Chris tay, for over 3months now, we initial met on, n
were in touch through yahoo chat id chrixtay and emails [email protected] everyday since the
past 3 month.. in this time process i eventually fell in love with this person, n was gullible enough
to send him 12000 nz dollars through money transfer(western union)

Starting from last the western union payment done in the name for 1) Christopher Tay, London:

0745853715 – 615 pounds on 17/11/2009. 2) christopher Tay, London, UK :2261181429 –
.81 pounds

on 12/11/2009. Western Union Money transfer dated 28/10/2009 paid to Jolomi Awani,
London UK– 1027469404-

2581.14 pounds.

Christopher Tay claims he is from Holland, Dutch.. lives in USA, new Jersey.. n
currently is in

said he lived at the Radisson Edwardian Grafton Hotel..

Christopher Donald Tay or christopher tay has used mostly to
get in touch o
f his

victims.. this is his profile address..

i have been in touch with him for 3months 25/09/09. i have all the chat archives n mails
he has sent
.. so if

anything is required im willing to send.. but pls trace this man, cause he has already
caused alot o
f hurt n

pain to many women, n must have surely taken money off many ladies before me n
who i dont know o

Please please help..

Please help Urgently cause this man is moving really fast in getting his victims,
he is a very very smooth talker..

Thanking u, urs Truely..


And yet more reports!

Just an update met a guy on tagged last night and a woman from my country emailed me
to tell me he is on this site. sure enough he was. I was skeptical because tagged is the worst
when it comes to scammers. I let him phone me to check out his accent I have been scammed
before his name is Christopher Donald Tay – Dutch from America and heading back to the UK.


Added by Isabelle today, 19th Dec 2009 :

I’m Isabelle and I reported a a scammer called Christopher Donald Tay. Please do take care
because he is still on-line doing scams to other people. He have 2 profiles on
with no pictures and is using and yahoo with same pictures. Email address that
he is using is [email protected] and [email protected] . We need to get rid of this man
as soon as possible because there other women bitten by him.


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