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Avon Scam

This is the letter she sent me after I questioned her about this supposedly order she sent me...
she goes under the gmail ID as [email protected]

Hello , I really appreciate your response and concern, I am from Orange Avenue, New Jersey
but i am presently in Bridllington, East Yorks,United Kingdom on vacation and would be
returning home to my Kids in Putnam,Connecticut soon that is why i need you to help me with
the AVON products.i should have made the order by my self directly from the website but i don't
have a credit card to do that my self,that's why i want you to help me make the Avon Orders
as an Avon Rep,Am willing to pay the agreed sum of $346 and a Money Order or a Check of $960
will be issued to you.this includes the cost of the shipping charges for the AVON products down
to my location,Not to worry I have a shipping company here that would come right to your
door step to collect the AVON products once the payment is confirmed by them,they would immediately
be at your place or where the AVON products is located to sign up all the necessary documentations
and delivery down to my location here in East Yorks,United Kingdom.
this payment includes the cost of the shipping charges that will be send to you by my Trustee there
in the State,i also request for your Full NAME, your FULL ADDRESS not a(P.O BOX Address) you want
the payment sent to and also your personal CELL PHONE NUMBER i can reach you on.After you send
me this information i would instruct my Trustee to send you the payment which would be in form of
money orders or America Check which you can cash instantly at your Personal bank.I would send the
shipping company information once you receive the package which you will send the balance to them
for pick up and shipping of the AVON products down to my location.Please get back to me as soon as
possible so that i can continue with payment,Hope we can trust each other at this point cos I'll like this
transaction to be kept in utmost trust and I hope you can understand.
looking forward to hear from you

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